LOUDPACK LIVE RESIN & TRYKE FLOWERS FROM CHILLAY ChillayDC.com is a new Initiative 71 company with an extremely impressive gift menu of topshelf concentrate and flowers that come with the purchase of a sweet tee or an even sweeter non-infused rice krispy treat platter to get your 4/20 started properly! When your Gentleman peeped their gifts on social media after they launched, he was certain his adoring fans (that's you!) would share his double-rainbow-like excitement when they saw what Chillay was rollin with. I reached out without delay and was thrilled they acquiesced to my ever-so-humble review. Happy 4/20, baby! You didn't think I'd forgotten how much you like unbelievable terps and connoisseur flowers delivered right to your door, did ya? Aww, come 'ere, you rascal! So everyone keeps asking me what to do for 4/20. Are you following your favorite brands on Instagram like I told you? Hmm? Okay, then. You can check out the list marijuanas.org keeps, too. Looks like you have your choice of, ehh, a dozen events tomorrow alone. Yowzers! Activism, parties, however you wanna celebrate legal weed in Washington, DC tomorrow, you'll find it. If you're looking for a party, I personally recommend Kick District- you could have won free tickets if you subscribe to my email newsletter, but you didn't, unless you're the one person that did and is reading in which case, hi! Enjoy the tickets! Everybody else, this is something we're gonna do regularly, so you better get signed up. If you're looking for a more relaxed evening with your bae, check out the mellow vibes at Dank'n'Paint tomorrow! And that's just the start. National Cannabis Festival is Saturday- catch up with Lucky Puffs there, they're the guys that really got the pin craze whirling in DC. Grab one to show your support for your favorite brand, head shop, or local celebrity (shucks, no, I don't have one yet) or collect 'em all and proudly display your headiness on your favorite snapback. I really dig these ones from Flight Inspired, bee-tee-dubs, and maybe if I give 'em a shoutout here they'll stop ignoring me on Instagram. Ha! And then the sold out DC Edibles Festival is Sunday (which you also could have won tickets to here at GT.com)! Strawberry Banana Live Resin But, hey, before anybody's goin anywhere, we gotta get our head right, amirite? I know I am, plus I can't hear you, cuz that's not how the internet works. So let's holla at Chillay for a minute. They've got this live resin from a brand called Loud Pack Extracts! We could go on about the flawless clarity on this bright gold shatter, the delicate aromas wafting up to tickle your tiny nosehairs with glee, but the terps- good heavens, man, the terps are absolutely unreal on the Strawberry Banana Live Resin sample I got to check out. It tastes like straight-up strawberry-banana flavored bubble gum outta my rig.You need to get on this before it's all gone. The potency is excellent. I take a dab and my body is relaxed, my mind calm, but I can still think clearly. I mean, all this typing is making sense, right? Ok, break time, I'm gonna take another dab. Chillay's flowers Rrrrright, then. Fabulous. Let's take a look at Chillay's flowers, hailing from Tryke Gardens. Wow. These plump, trichome covered nugs were fresh and smelled fantastic. The OG Cookies is a smooth, creamy, excellently balanced sativa-leaning hybrid. The mentally-energetic Black Jack has a rich, earthy scent that got my brain buzzing hard. My favorite, though, was easily the bright pinene bursting from the Rascal OG. A preponderance of this particular terpene in my flower is a favorite start to a Gentleman's busy day as it evens out my mood, quiets my anxiety, and gives me a swift, caffeine-like kick in the ass to boot. Chillay's got you on top-shelf flower. Chillay's got you on incredible concentrate flavors. Chillay's got you on tee shirts, which you need for wearing, even if you're really hot. No one wants to see your nipples in public! It's weird! Have some shame, damn you. And rice krispy treats, which as we all know are delicious and will provide nutrition for your family of radioactive mutates just in case the good ol' Stars'n'Stripes loses a round in the upcoming world games of nuclear chicken. You are all set for 4/20, mis amigos! Please have a wonderful, safe celebration, everyone, and no need to fret over the impending apocalypse. Your Gentleman, as always, has got that covered.