LOCAL’d Puff Cards Giveaway!

This week’s Free Weed Giveaway (exclusive to my newsletter subscribers) is sponsored by I71 delivery fave LOCAL’d! All you have to do for your chance to win is sign up and then write me back fast when I send out Friday’s newsletter. The 20th reply received this week wins a pair of holiday Puff Cards. Puff Cards have a smell-resistant tube in the middle so you can pack a joint in there, which is awesome, cuz my inner child still groans anytime I open a card with nothing in it. What better way to alleviate my neuroses and show your loved ones how much you care than with free weed? That’s exactly why we wanna give you a FREE quarter-ounce, too, baby! CUZ EVERYONE LOVES EVERYONE HOORAY!!!

FYI, Local’d is gonna have a some great deals all this weekend:

Black Friday: BOGO from 4am-7am (same day delivery only) and 20% off the rest of the day
Small Business Saturday: $15 off all orders
Cyber Monday: 25% off all orders

Ok, but if you want to win free weed, then Step 1 is signing up for the GentlemanToker.com newsletter here. Remember, you have to claim your prize in Washington, DC and you must be 21+ (be prepared to show ID) to receive your free cannabis gift under Initiative 71. REMEMBER, your entry must include your full name and phone number. Entries without this information will not be considered! One entry per week, wiseguys. Capiche?


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