Local’d DRNX Giveaway!

This week’s Free Weed Giveaway (exclusive to my newsletter subscribers) is sponsored by LOCAL’d! All you have to do for your chance to win is sign up and then write me back fast when I send out Friday’s newsletter. I know you’re feelin’ the need for speed, but slow up, Goose! The 10th reply received wins two bottles of clean-label, flavored adaptogenic water from DRNX, the latest brand to partner up with unique I71 food and beverage promoter LOCAL’d. Which is convenient, cuz you’re also gonna win a FREE QUARTER-OUNCE OF WEED! Yay! Now you’ll have something healthy to sip on when the cottonmouth strikes.

Ok, so Step 1, sign up for the GentlemanToker.com newsletter here. Remember, you have to claim your prize in Washington, DC and you must be 21+ (be prepared to show ID) to receive your free cannabis gift under Initiative 71. REMEMBER, your entry must include your full name and phone number. Entries without this information will not be considered! Crystal? Then you are cleared for take off, my dashing Mavericks!



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Today we’re going to introduce you to the landrace strains of cannabis! Long before names like White Widow or AK-47 graced the centerfold of High Times, there were the landraces- weed that grew wild and free like cowboys in country songs. Giddyup!

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