Lemon Poundcake (Street Lawyer Services)

street lawyer services dc lemon poundcake marijuana flowers


HAPPY 4/20 EVERYBODY! Check out the Lemon Poundcake flowers NOW AVAILABLE for delivery in Washington DC from our friends at Street Lawyer Services! Here's a list of gifts they have to share with you for Stoner Christmas:




  • Apple Fritter (Hybrid)
  • Wedding Crasher (Hybrid)
  • Blue Goo (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)
  • Melonade (Hybrid)
  • Gushers (Hybrid)
  • Cheesecake (Indica Dominant Hybrid)
  • Lemon Poundcake (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)
  • Citrus Bur'zt (Indica)
  • Dolato (Indica Dominant Hybrid)
  • Gelato (Hybrid)
  • Mimosa (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)
  • Animal Mints (Hybrid)
  • Biscotti (Indica)




  • Apricot Jelliez (Vegan) - 5 pcs, 40mg each
  • From Eve Chocolate Chip Cookies - 2 cookies, 100mg each
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles - 6 pieces, 50g each
  • Georgetown Kush Cakes Sour Hard Candy - 200mg baggie
  • Caligold Gourmet Dark Chocolate Bar- 10mg/square, 100mg total
  • TKO Edibles Chocolate Squares - 315mg total, assorted flavors
  • Sour Packs- 15pcs, 20mg
  • Georgetown Kush Cakes Papibles- 8pcs, 25mg each