Lava Cakes (DC TeaPad)
It's the first Friday of 2019, baby! This is the year it all changes. Flying cars. Robot maids. Unredacted, irrefutable proof of the existence of Transformers. It's gonna be sa-weeeeeet! And just how are you planning to celebrate, hmm? How's about some sultry Lava Cakes, pictured above, now available from I71 delivery fave DC TeaPad? I already asked and they don't have any buffalo wings or cheesy bread to go with, but they do have more flowers, specifically, Orange Chem and San Fernando Valley OG. What about parmesan bites? Aww. They said no, guys. Review: AK-47 More DC TeaPad Photos! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="952"] VISIT DC TEAPAD![/caption]