IMG_0886The Grower's Cup entries have started to make their way to the Gentleman and I'm liking what I'm seeing so far, folks! My favorite to this point is definitely the Laughing Buddha.  Corey Neil won second place in the Sativa competition for these flowers and the accolade is well-deserved! Let's get right to the impressive medical benefits.  This strain is marketed by famous breeder Barney's Farm as good for depression and I am happy to report it does not disappoint. I started strain hunting last year when I became a medical marijuana patient in DC and Laughing Buddha is the best daytime medicine I have found.  It immediately calms anxiety while leaving you clear-headed, much like Blueberry Headband from Alternative Solutions, but that particular hybrid doesn't make it in to my own strain rotation because it doesn't do much for depression or lethargy.  The Buddha hits on every key point, providing a long-lasting burst of energy while elevating my spirit above petty concerns. This cross of Thai and Jamaican heritage has a deep, earthy fragrance that reveals undercurrents of dark chocolate when ground.  The smoke is smooth but thick and expansive, tricking you into taking larger hits that leads to coughing fits. Real Deal's Gardenz did a nice job finishing these flowers. The contrast between the dark orange and red hairs covering the light green nugs puts me in mind of coconuts and I can imagine this plant growing on the beach of some remote, tropical paradise.  The buds are pleasantly dense for a sativa and quickly regain their shape after a gentle press. I'm always glad to see smooth, white ash left in the pipe after a bowl, the end result of excellent organic gardening techniques. I can't wait to get some more and squish them into rosin!  I don't expect a great yield- not that sticky- but I know it'll make some top-notch meds! If you're looking for a consultant to help with your Initiative 71-compliant grow, you can reach Corey on Instagram @realdealneil13.