Kush Mints (Canamelo)

Canamelo is one of my favorite gift weed delivery services in DC for several reasons. What you're actually buying is non-infused candy, for one, and candy is super-useful for bribing unruly children to steal things around your neighborhood, so you don't have to go to Giant as often. Like, I haven't bought brown sugar in years. Oh, how does half a carton of milk just disappear? Gee, I don't know, Karen. That sounds crazy.

Canamelo has been impeccably consistent the past couple of years- a Gentleman can relax knowing the lucky giftee is going to get professional, reliable service. Plus their fresh, locally grown flowers are exclusively available from Canamelo. Like these Kush Mints!

Kush Mints Characteristics

Kush Mints canamelo dc weed photography

My sample of Canamelo's Kush Mints was fresher than the Prince of Bel-Air and DJ Jazzy Jeff combined. Big flashy trichomes, tight (but not dense) buds that grind to the smooth, even consistency that marks a perfect cure. The sour funk is decidedly strong and it smokes incredibly smooth. I put down a half-gram joint hardly trying.

Kush Mints Effects

I found Kush Mints to be quite mentally engaging. This is not kick your feet up & binge-watch TV weed. Trying to do nothing exacerbated my anxiety, in fact. Doing work alleviated it and put me in a state of hyper-focus that boosted my productivity. I got more done than I had set out to do and the next test delivered the exact same experience.

I know y'all are gonna like that cuz we gotta run run run all the time on the East Coast like Alice's rabbit, late for our appointments, always late, always appointments, isn't it just so. But when you get to your tea party and have a minute to chillax, you should really try Canamelo's Banquet Cake.

Banquet Cake canamelo dc weed photography

Banquet Cake Effects

Exhibiting most of the same solid characteristics above (a bit lighter on the trichomes), Canamelo's Banquet Cake has a spicier scent and delivers a more uplifting experience. It doesn't just enhance my mood, it straps it to a rocket, slaps it on the ass, and shoots that salty bitch to the moon. Strong anxiety suppression, too, but I'm not getting any work while LMAO on Banquet Cake. When the good times end, you'll be ready for a siesta.

Gentleman Approved

If you've been holding off on trying Canamelo then you are missing out, boo boo bear. Now is the perfect time to set an appointment cuz both of these flowers are NOW AVAILABLE. Check my work, baby! Plus they're on my approved vape carts list and they've got a special on ounces of Berry White flowers to celebrate 4/20.