King Louis XIII OG (Gifted Curators DC)

Today we're looking at the King Louis XIII flowers from Gifted Curators DC. Now, Louie isn't the crazy one that killed all his wives, that's Henry the VIII. That would have made sense cuz, like, this weed would be "off with your head!" or whatever and that's kind of funny, uh...outside of context. Old Louis didn't really do much king-wise if you look at his Wiki, but he does make a really fine marijuana. And that's probably what you want out of your king, y'know? Keep everything rockin' steady, keep the depravity to a ten percent Nero...I mean, sure, the constant expansion under Alexander the Great was exciting and all, but then you get a horde of unruly barbarians pillaging your newly acquired vassal states and the whole thing gets quite annoying, frankly. Do you want Goths and Vandals? Cuz that's how you get Goths and Vandals.

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Gifted Curators has a very swag, easy to navigate website. Placing an order is straightforward. Click on the gift category you're interested in- they have Flowers, Prerolls, and Edibles to choose from- and you can place your order for downloadable art through the site. You can also contact them at 202-684-9915 if you prefer. They're open everyday from 10am-8pm. FYI, you can use the promo code TOKER for 15% off any Delivery order from Gifted Curators PLUS a free pre-roll! If you visit their storefront at 2118 18th St NW and mention this site, you can get a free preroll. Nice! They also offer curbside pick-up if you don't want to step in the shop.

gifted curators dc king louis xiii weed photo

My sample of King Louis XIII came in a clear plastic tub, nitro-sealed to keep the flowers fresher than Bel-Air princes. I like this much better than a can because you can see inside it, which in this case, reveals two large, light green buds with long curls of bright hairs wearing a thick, woolly overcoat of tasty trichomes. The buds are manicured perfectly, not a small feat considering how full-bodied and naturally irregular they are. That this structure exhibits ideal density as well is truly remarkable. Overall bag appeal here is astounding, folks. This is cannabis that was loved and told it could do anything growing up and now we're watching its graduation and I'm just so damn proud. I'm not crying, you're crying.

The aroma of King Louis, that doesn't sound right. Can't go 'round sniffing kings, can we? This sample from Gifted Curators exhibits the cool, soothing aroma of sandalwood, which adds a hint of spice to the flavor. The buds grind down fine and produce a dreamy, smooth smoke- no acrid bite, but thick enough to cause a quick cough if you get overly ambitious. Our high expectations from its elegant aesthetics have certainly been met.

gifted curators dc packaging photo

King Louis XIII is billed as an indica but my own experience was of a sativa-leaning hybrid. Smoking a bowl makes me feel calm and alert, evening out my mood as it quiets my distracting mental chatter. I tried several times to sleep after smoking since I felt so peaceful, but the King kept me up even when exhausted. Much better for the daytime when you can make use of its focus to get through your task list, even more intricate projects that require abstract visualizations. But if you have the time, King Louis will leave you feeling so relaxed and awake that playing video games all day is a very enticing prospect.

Not only does Gifted Curators DC's King Louis XIII meet the highest standards of cannabis quality, but the Gentleman can also personally confirm their Lowell Smokes pre-rolls and CaliGold dark chocolate bar gifts are similarly impressive. Y'all are gonna love Gifted Curators DC!