King Kong GG from Hidden Leaf DC

King Kong GG

Tonight is the Super Moon, my perky, penumbral penguins! Per SOP, the Gentleman is locked up tight in his lunar cell. It's simply too dangerous for me to be roaming about the city with +3 claws doin Agg damage. We still have some time before Luna's power overwhelms me, so I figured we could have a chat about the flowers I got from a new marijuana gift delivery brand called Hidden Leaf DC before I transform into a mindless creature of rage, bent on the destruction of man and all his artifices. Sigh. Why did I bring my laptop in here?

Hidden Leaf came through with two excellent samples for me to try, King Kong GG (formerly Gorilla Glue but there was recently a lawsuit about that) and the Sherbinski's cut of GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies, same). I was pleased with both- tight, dense nugs, perfectly manicured, fresh, and covered in tiny trichomes. They look like such happy little buds! Once ground, the Sherbinski's had a wonderful, sugary-sweet scent, while the King Kong brings cool spices to mind. The Sherb was a tad harsh, but not bad; King Kong smoked smooth with a toasty aftertaste.

I've had a lot of GSC in the past couple years. I'd say it's the most popular strain in DC from how frequently I encounter it or its Platinum cousin. Hidden Leaf DC has provided my first experience with Sherbinski's (I've yet to see the Thin Mint version, either). If you're a fan of the Cookies, you're really gonna like this well-balanced sativa high that refuses to be couch-locked. GSC typically doesn't help as much with my anxiety or mood as I'd like and while the Sherbinski's was no different, it was easy to focus on my tasks (like gathering up all the exciting Maryland medical marijuana News this week!), with energy left over for tidying up or a brisk walk. It's also good for socializing with friends, since you're not locked in to your own head or, like, totally on another wavelength. Or, like, way too much into the same wavelength, effortlessly leaping into another's aural stream like a psychic salmon. I've been there, too, bro.

[caption id="attachment_3196" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Close-up of the Sherb[/caption]

Hidden Leaf DC's King Kong GG was much more my speed. These flowers amply lift my mood while the heady buzz runs interference on any loose thoughts thinking of getting loose. Speaking of getting loose, did you see this punt return TD from Tarik Cohen today? I'd heard Chicago's rookie RB was a phenom but this field reversal was unbelievable. I hope the eggheads figure out how to put their skills into those sweet-ass Fox Sports robots they've been teasing for decades. As cool as it was, I'm just gonna say it, landmines. Right? Anyway, King Kong is upbeat, but leans just enough indica to keep me planted in my seat for football Sunday or happily LMAO at Hulu's original new series Future Man. Oh, man, if you've been putting it off, you need to come on already. Heehee. lycanthropic curse...blood...boiling over with...malevolence! It won't be long! Listen find the Hidden Leaf, you must look, just screwing with can reach them via their web site to arrange for delivery. Now GO! No, wait! Sign up for my Newsletter first. Then run! RUN, DAMN YOU!