Khalifa Kush from REEF Dispensary

Khalifa Kush from REEF Dispensary

ooOoh, heeeyyy, maaaan. Do you *hup* do you *hup* didja know how much alcohol they give you in Vegas? It’s a lot. Man, they gotta get some events here for smoking. Though, I don’t see how that works quite right. For me, cannabis helps me inhibit my impulses; Vegas is kinda ’bout the opposite. Dig?

So I stepped into REEF Dispensary today. They only sell TRYKE Flowers and Concentrate. I’ve reviewed some from Chillay, I think it was Gold Label. They have five different levels of flowers and on the tippy tippy top? Khalifa motherfuckin’ Kush. So I got some. Couldn’t get less than an 1/8th. Couldn’t sniff it beforehand. Cost $72 fucking dollars with tax. Holy shit! That’s that Abatin Kashmir money, baby. The Gentleman MUST review at that price.

The buds are kinda small. Got some stems in there. Gotta say, Abatin does it better for the money. But the smell on this is abso-mazing and it is super-trich’d. I’ll get back to you with a review. Do I *hup* do I *hup* seem in any condition to right *hup* write a review to you? Vegas, baby!

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