Joint Delivery Co is bringing back their popular holiday gift boxes to celebrate Father's Day, which is great, cuz how many half-assed art class mugs and tee shirts bearing moronic catchphrases about how much you love fishing or farting or whatever do you really need? Zero. These are thoughtless gifts from thoughtless people who will feast over the remains in your accounts when you cease to draw breath. C'est la vie, eh, mon amis? If your family really loved you, they'd get you one of Joint Delivery Co's boxes instead, which comes with a lighter, glass spoon pipe, edible, a rosin-kissed preroll, and an eighth of flower- choose from Blue Satellite (Awake), Strawberry Banana (Balanced), or Forbidden Fruit (Relaxed). And if they do, then you might get really lucky, cuz hidden in ten of gift boxes, a gold Twisty's glass blunt has replaced the spoon pipe. What did you think the photo was? Nevermind, don't answer that. It's a glass blunt, you filthy pervs.