Black Friday is like The Purge, but for shopping. I guess we could call it The Binge. Some of you, regardless of the cold or the irreparable damage to your immortal souls, have been standing in line all morning to get a deal on the hottest new whatever-it-does from Bland Evil Corp, whatever, I find the whole thing terribly depressing. Unless I can get some extra weed, I'm not- oh. I can? Well, that's a horse of another color, Dorothy! Joint Delivery Co's got a BOGO sale going on TODAY ONLY and if you get ANYTHING, you'll also get an eighth of GG #4 flowers. ANYTHING could include some tasty concentrate from Critical710 like this Now & Later Budder or silky smooth Pink Cookies Cured Resin. Got some room left from yesterday for edibles? You champ. America is so proud of you. Check out their incredibly potent tin of infused gummy squares from PLUS. I ate the whole thing and was positively dragging ass the next day. Be careful!