Indonesian Gold (PuffPuff DC)

Indonesian Gold weed

So, sometimes I think back on all the crazy shit I've said over the past couple years, mistakes I've made along the way, and get kinda down. But then I remember that today is gonna be somebody's very first day here on GentlemanToker! I can't change the past, but I can learn from it, and everyday I get a brand new day to try again.

If it is your first day here, welcome, and don't mind the positivity, I promise I'm going right outside after writing this to lick cobblestones and get the taste out of my mouth, eww, yuck.

And if you've been around a while, thank you from the gnawing pit of my dark, jagged soul for sticking around through the growing pains. Both of you will certainly enjoy these exceptional Indonesian Gold flowers available today from our friends at gift weed pickup fave PuffPuff DC. 

Call 202-374-2962 to schedule your appointment now! Also available today:

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Crystal Coma
Ice Tray
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