HAPPY 420, BABY! To help you kick off the festivities, I've compiled a list of gifts and specials from the Gentleman's favorite I71 brands with links to their sites and my reviews all in one super-huggable bundle. It's a celebration! [caption id="attachment_7216" align="aligncenter" width="960"]space candy nug Space Candy from Joint Delivery Co[/caption]

Hidden Leaf DC *Hats for $35 today! WIN A HALF OUNCE from Hidden Leaf TODAY by signing up for my newsletter!

DC Monumental Enter the MONUMENTAL RAFFLE for a 55" TV, an XBOX One, an ounce of flower, & more! Seven winners will be announced TONIGHT!

Trending Leafs Blue City Diesel, Purple Jager, Presidential Kush, Orange Kush, Animal Cookies, Space Candy, Biscotti, Gelato, Wedding Cake ASK ABOUT THE PICKUP SPECIAL!

Joint Delivery Co PAX PODS ARE HERE!!! Plus, Instead of one eighth flower gift, today you'll get two!

Puff Puff DC Blue Dream, Candyland, Silver Kush, Alien OG, Gorilla Glue, TITS, Royal Nepal, Night Terror OG, Berry White

Dope City Supreme Dope City Apparel Discounts all day- ASK ABOUT APPAREL PACKAGES!

Green Label Grinders Wonder Woman, Candyland, Do-Si-Dos, Gorilla Glue, Monster Cookies, Phantom OG, SFV OG

I71 Washington DC 420 cannabis gifts

Pink Rabbit Collective Tangie, OG Kush, True OG, Blue Dream, Tahoe OG, Skywalker OG PLUS A SPECIAL BAKED TREAT! Win an eighth signing up for my newsletter today!

High Qualitea DC Girl Scout Cookies, Fire OG, Super Glue Today you'll get an extra gram in your gift (and a free cookie) ALL WEEKEND!

Da DoGooders Pineapple Express, Chocolate Kush, Dark Blue Dream, Purple Diesel PLUS FREE CANDY!

And don't sleep on Glass House Gallery DC! This is your opportunity to get that heady piece you've had your eye on at a deep discount. They open at 10am and the first 5 people get 40% off glass! The next 10 get 30% off and the 10 after that get 25%. You can get 20% off all glass up to $1000 if you show up late, it's cool, bro. Glass House Gallery DC is located at 1527 9th St NW.