Humboldt Legacy Live Sugar (Culta)


“Query, User: Not Designated?”

“What should I listen to if, like, I want to like Depeche Mode, but I don’t, really?”


“I mean, I like the singles and stuff. There’s a tribute album where Smashing Pumpkins covers Never Let Me Down Again that’s pretty good-”

“Stop talking, User: Not Designated. Processing. Processing. Process- Now Playing ‘Huey Lewis and the News.'”

Aaaaaaaaah. That’s better, thank you, computer. I’m traveling today, my scruffy salamanders, so no new review. There’s another hot Maryland brand we haven’t talked about yet and that’s Culta, so for today, have yerself a sneak peek at their Humboldt Legacy Live Sugar, and we’ll be back soon to review their $160/gram Diamonds. Ooooh, can’t wait!

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