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How to Find and Buy PA Marijuana in 2021

PA medical marijuana

It’s 2021, and the Pennsylvania marijuana market is thriving with over 100 weed dispensaries serving the Keystone State.

Pennsylvania medical marijuana has been legal since 2016, but PA marijuana laws as a whole are not as progressive as other neighboring states.

So the larger question remains: is PA recreational marijuana legal yet in 2021? 

The short answer is no, but there are PA recreational cannabis vendors you can acquire cannabis without a medical card.

In this article we will be showing you all the best brands to buy PA weed from and also how you can either obtain your cannabis through the grey market or buy through the medical PA cannabis program.

Continue reading to learn about the specifics of PA weed laws and how to get your weed legally in Pennsylvania today.

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Is Weed Legal in PA 2021?

Given the current legal situation of weed in Pennsylvania, it’s common for residents and tourists to wonder: is weed legal in PA?

If you want to abide strictly by the book of PA weed laws, then the answer is no. Possession and consumption of PA weed is illegal if you don’t have a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card. 

But hasn’t weed been decriminalized in PA? Well, yes, but the word “decriminalized” can be misleading. 

PA decriminalization of Cannabis only lessens the penalties of small amounts of weed. You will still get in trouble and still get a fine if you have even less than an ounce of weed in PA.

If you have more than 30 grams of marijuana and you get caught by the law without a card, you can face some serious legal issues!

Decriminalization or not, marijuana is still illegal in Pennsylvania recreationally. 

The Medical marijuana system is, technically, the only option for legal PA weed. 

However, with the passing of Pennsylvania weed decriminalization laws, new markets are beginning to slightly crack open, giving way to those smokers that are willing to get their weed through the grey market. 

It is easier and less risky in certain areas of Pennsylvania because a few big cities have started to ease the recreational marijuana penalties. 

But because penalties for weed in PA still exist, it is important to know the specifics of Medical Marijuana law and PA recreational decriminalization. Understanding both will be important when you are trying to buy weed in PA.

PA Medical Marijuana Legalization

Not too long ago, the Pennsylvania weed market was completely illegal. People were risking their freedom to get their buds, and we all know this harsh reality too well. 

Fortunately, on April 17, 2016, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed Senate Bill 3 to legalize the medical use of cannabis in PA, creating a massive boost in economy for the Keystone State.  

And after the medical marijuana bill made it past the Senate, Act 16 was passed to set in motion the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program. 

With that, Legal PA weed sales began in 2018 and dispensaries began spreading like wildfire. 

Pennsylvania now has over 100 medical marijuana dispensaries in operation. 

With sales expected to surpass $1 billion by 2024, the PA medical marijuana market is growing quite rapidly. 

Given the massive success that the Pennsylvania medical weed program is sustaining, lawmakers as well as the Department of Health are urging for more marijuana reform. 

Keep your eyes peeled and your hopes up, because weed will only continue to be more accessible! But for now, let’s get you completely caught up with the specifics of PA weed law concerning decriminalization.

PA Marijuana Decriminalization

Pennsylvania cannabis is decriminalized! So weed is basically legal, right?

Not quite. Cannabis in Pennsylvania is illegal for recreational use, but possession of small amounts is now decriminalized in a few of the state’s largest cities. 

As of 2021, all of these cities have lessened the penalties for recreational marijuana possession:  Allentown, Bethlehem, Doylestown, Erie, Folcroft, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Norristown, Phoenixville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, State College, Steelton, West Norriton, York

The previous punishment for possession was 30 days in jail and a $500 fine, now it’s no jail, but still a $25-$250 ticket, depending on what city the citation is given.

So decriminalization in PA does not mean that it is legal, because technically you still have to worry about Johnny Law. 

But penalties are far less severe, and now there are quite a few PA weed delivery services operating out of the grey market that are willing to deliver to you.

How to Buy PA Medical Marijuana

To purchase PA medical marijuana you need to first obtain a medical card. 

Once you have your medical marijuana card, getting weed in Pennsylvania is very easy. 

Visit any of the PA cannabis dispensaries below that supply medical marijuana and you will be in good

You will be able to get a 3 month supply of weed at any dispensary in Pennsylvania. The exact amount that makes up your 3 month supply will vary based on each dispensary’s house rules. 

Buying PA medical cannabis is a fairly simple process where you show up to the dispensary and show your medical card and you can select through their products to purchase. 

There is usually a wide range of THC products to choose from, such as flowers, capsules, lozenges, and even extracts. If you are interested in finding out how to obtain PA cannabis without a medical card, keep reading to learn about the “sharing” system.

How to Find Weed in PA Through the “Sharing” Market

If you have not gotten your medical PA marijuana card yet, you can try your hand in a new emerging market: the “sharing” system.

Brands that participate in the “sharing system” are technically in the grey-market but they make sure that you do not ever purchase any cannabis from them – as that would be illegal.

Through the “sharing system” you are not buying any weed, but instead you may be making donations or receiving Pennsylvania marijuana as a gift after you purchased another non-cannabis item.

There is still risk with the sharing system in Pennsylvania as recreational PA weed is not completely legal, so please do your research first before seeking out a brand. Luckily, there are hundreds of positive reviews on cert

South East Pennsylvania Marijuana Providers

The Philly weed market is probably the most lenient of all Pennsylvania  

The leniency of attitude towards weed in Philly is due to it being so close to New Jersey, where weed is recreationally legal.  

Also, Philadelphia is a big metropolitan city. Crime is higher so police are busy with who knows what. Small amounts of marijuana in Philadelphia should not be on their radar. Although, sometimes they still are, sadly.  

With all the marijuana laws in Philadelphia stuck in your head now, go with the safest option for you. Check out our trusted Philadelphia cannabis providers from medical to sharing.

Harvest HOC - Medical Weed in Philly

is weed legal in Pennsylvania

Harvest HOC is a PA medical marijuana dispensary with over 150 five-star reviews on Google. The residents of Philly sing praises of their warm and loving staff.

Harvest has a ton of discounts including a 20% for veterans and a 10% “wisdom” discount on Pennsylvania cannabis for seniors over 65 years of age.

Not a senior or a veteran, no need to worry, they have deals literally every single day except for Sunday. From 25% off concentrates on Thursdays to 15% off Tuesdays on select products.

With great flower choices, topicals, concentrates, and even capsules, this PA cannabis dispensary is definitely a great place to stop by in Philly if you have a medical card.

Don’t have a medical card? You can try these next three options in the grey-market of weed in Philly.

Green Face - Philly Weed Delivery

PA weed

For recreational users, Green Face is a grey market weed dispensary in PA operating out of Philly. 

With over 300 five-star reviews, Green Face customers are raving about their on-time travel updates and fire selection of PA weed.

According to their users, Green Face does an excellent job of maintaining communication throughout the whole weed delivery process.

 Check out their edibles and huge selection of flower, around 80 different strains for your Pennsylvania cannabis needs

Hot Donna - Marijjuana in Philadelphia Delivered

PA legal marijuana

Hot Donna is another grey market delivery service that Pennsylvania cannabis users are successfully and safely getting their weed stash from. 

Serving Philly with top notch THC products, customers seem to always be delighted by Hot Donna’s quick weed delivery in PA. There are over 200 reviews and every single one is 5 stars.

Hot Donna has flower, wax, prerolls, moon rocks, and more! They even have canna butter and canna sugar for you pot baking enthusiasts.

Best of all, they are known for their quick turnaround time. With super fast responses and speedy delivery, ETAs for your PA weed delivery are often only 15-30 minutes.

Is Weed Legal in Philadelphia?

Medical marijuana, yes! Recreational marijuana, nope! 

Weed in Pennsylvania is still a Schedule 1 drug – as illegal as it gets. And, unfortunately, Philadelphia is no exception.

But hasn’t Philly decriminalized weed?

Well, yes. Philly is one of the major cities to decriminalize weed in Pennsylvania, however, this only means your punishment is less severe. It is still illegal and punishments are still there for any possession, smoking, cultivating, or distributing of weed. 

That being said, getting caught with weed in Philly is much less of a hassle than getting caught in less populated areas of Pennsylvania. Cops have much more to deal with so they are not looking to give you a hard time for a small amount of Pennsylvania weed.

Either way, it is important to act as if your weed is still illegal in Philadelphia. 

NorthEast Pennsylvania Cannabis Dispensaries

Allentown City Council approved an ordinance decriminalizing small amounts of weed in 2018.

But, currently, the only trusted options for getting your weed right in Allentown are medical PA weed dispensaries. 

Rapidly expanding, Allentown is hopefully going to push for expansion of marijuana legalization. For now, get yourself registered in the PA medical marijuana system and visit one of these high-quality dispensaries.

Columbia Care - High Rated PA Cannabis

marijuana PA

Columbia Care is a trusted medical marijuana dispensary serving the NorthEast area of Pennsylvania. 

Columbia Care holds some solid reviews on Google. They have over 450 five-stars and over 500 reviews with a 5 star rating – not easy to come by!

Customers have described their entire experience of getting medical weed from Columbia Care as euphoric and extremely easy. Their staff often puts nervous first-time patients at ease and will walk you through the process of PA cannabis buying with ease. 

This PA marijuana dispensary is open from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 8 pm and they have a variety of THC products to choose from: wax, live resins, shatter, flower, topicals, and even CBD products.

Shopping is done through their “Forage” online ship, which helps you select the cannabis that is right for you. They even offer 15% discounts for new patients, veterans, and public servants!

Ethos - PA Legal Marjuana Shop

pa recreational marijuana

Another popular Pennsylvania marijuana dispensary being talked about is Ethos of Allentown.

Ethos is a medical dispensary so you’ll need a medical PA marijuana card just as any of the other medical dispensaries in Pennsylvania.

Ethos Allentown has gone the extra mile to get with the times and make it easier for you to order with their online portal. With over 600 positive reviews on Google we found that so many people appreciated their efficient ordering and pick up system – described as “effortless”.

So if you want to skip the small talk and pleasantries and just grab your medical marijuana then Ethos may be the spot for you. They have an ATM on site and a zero touch payment through Canpay making the transaction process seamless.

Keystone - Top Notch Marijuana PA Dispensary

is weed legal in PA

Keystone Canna Remedies is a medical marijuana dispensary in Pennsylvania that residents are trusting and loving.

Their primary facility holds over 2,600 seeds from over 60 different breeders resulting in over 225 strains – talk about variety! In this particular location you have over 65 different strains to choose from, and there are also ingestibles, tinctures, topicals, and even accessories.

With over 200 positive reviews on Google we found that most people loved their quick transaction process but mostly that they were open Saturday and Sunday unlike other dispensaries in PA.

So if you have an unforgiving work schedule, Keystone in Philadelphia will always be open to serve you your medical marijuana.

Marijuana Pennsylvania - Central PA

The state capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg has tons of medical marijuana patients as well as PA cannabis smoking tourists. 

Everyone must be trying to get stoned before visiting Hershey’s Chocolate World, nearby in Central PA. 

You will need a medical card if you want to visit any of our trusted dispensaries located in Central Pennsylvania. 

Recreational users, your time will come for a more safe PA marijuana experience, but for now, the Central PA weed market is for medical smokers.

Harvest House of Cannabis - Best Medical Cannabis PA

PA cannabis

Just like their weed store in Philly, Harvest HOC of Harrisburg is satisfying medical customers left and right! 

Our research has shown that Harvest has an extremely knowledgeable and caring staff to guide you through the Pennsylvania cannabis purchasing experience.

Customers are loving the lounge at Harvest. They really took time to create the perfect environment with their layout and lighting, creating a clean and aesthetically pleasing look.  

Check out whichever Harvest HOC is closest to you and get 20% your first purchase.

ZenLeaf - PA Legal Marijuana

Pennsylvania marijuana legalization

ZenLeaf is a trusted medical PA legal marijuana provider out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

ZenLeaf has a big selection of flower and an even bigger selection of THC vape products. 

If you’re in Central PA, take your medical card and check out ZenLeaf’s dispensary in person, or order from their express delivery service today.

Rise - Complete Package of Cannabis Pennsylvania

PA weed laws

Rise is a famously trusted medical dispensary chain that has a lovely store located in Steelton, PA. 

Rise of Steelton has a rewards program that I highly recommend joining, especially if you might be going to another one of their dispensary locations. You’ll earn points every purchase.

They have a cool app called “High Risers” to help you easily track and redeem your points.

Rise also gives free medical consultations for their medical marijuana patients. They really offer the full PA medical marijuana experience.

The Best Western PA Weed Services

Similar to Philly culture, Pittsburgh smoking laws and weed rules are just slightly more lenient than the surrounding areas. 

Of course, if you’re a medical PA marijuana card holder, things are a little easier. But we know of some options for you Pennsylvania recreational cannabis users. 

Below are a couple grey market options for getting your Pennsylvania recreational marijuana right in Pittsburgh. Check out our medical shop recommendation if you’re a medical cannabis card holder.

Mr_Pacman - Marijuana Pittsburgh Style

Pennsylvania weed laws

Mr_Pacman is a rolling dispensary making weed deliveries to the city of Pittsburgh through the grey market.

Mr_Pacman operates through “donations.” You will donate a recommended amount based on the weed you want, and then you recieve your bud. It’s important to note never to ask to buy any cannabis here.

This is a grey market service, but the weed, prices, and customer service are top notch. 

After checking out over 300 plus five-star reviews on LeafedOut their customers had nothing to say but great things about their experience and products.

Green Face - Pittsburgh Weed Delivered

is weed legal in Philadelphia

Green Face is a grey market weed delivery service for the city of Pittsburgh. 

Judging from their user reviews, Green Face has an efficient delivery system with strong communication. 

Review after review, people keep referring to how absolutely fire their weed is. They operate through a donation system and are followed by over 1007 people on their Leafedout account.

They have specials on half ounces and require a minimum order of $50. 

Green Face has more than 300 excellent reviews on Leafedout as well, and many people were raving about their “quick delivery” and even when there are miscommunications they handle things very professionally.

Solevo - Pittsburgh, PA Cannabis Provider

Solevo is a favorite dispensary option for Pittsburgh, PA medical marijuana customers.

This dispensary serving Pittsburgh offers some of the finest dry leaf, vapes, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. 

Parking can be difficult to find at some other Pittsburgh weed dispensaries. At Solevo, they have a lot more parking so that won’t be an issue.

According to their reviews, Solevo has a flawless system for getting customers in and out quickly so nobody is ever left waiting.

Is Weed Legal in Pittsburgh PA?

Many new laws and policies have passed to make Pennsylvania cannabis more accessible, including the decriminalization of weed in Pittsburgh. Medical weed is available of course! 

But as of 2021, recreational weed is still illegal in Pittsburgh and arrests for weed possession and even paraphernalia are still high. 

Punishments are not as severe as before decriminalization, but cops in Pittsburgh will still be obligated to follow the laws of the state. 

So if you have weed or if you are trying to smoke weed in Pittsburgh, steer clear of law enforcement. 

Pittsburgh police should have better things to do than to bother people with weed arrests, but they can and will use it against you if you do have an encounter with law enforcement. 

That being said, there are still actual recreational marijuana stores that will deliver you weed in Pittsburgh. Check out our trusted favorites in our list above.

PA Weed Laws Full Break Down 2021

After finding out that weed has been decriminalized, many Pennsylvanians were ready to light up on the streets in celebration. 

However, smoking and possessing PA weed is still illegal. So don’t pull out your cannabis just yet! 

Even though Pennsylvania decriminalized small amounts of marijuana in 2015, there have still been hundreds of marijuana-possession arrests each year since that passage. 

This is because officers can still follow the state code, which says any marijuana possession is illegal.

So when it comes to law enforcement encounters, it is best to consider your weed as illegal, but knowing what you can or can’t do with cannabis in PA is important.

Let’s dive into some more specifics of PA marijuana law to help you better understand.

Pennsylvania Marijuana Laws on Possession

If you have your PA medical weed card, you’re in the clear to possess your marijuana in a private setting. 

What about possession of Pennsylvania recreational weed without a medical card?

Technically, all possession without a medical card is illegal, the punishment for carrying is now reduced (decriminalized). If you do carry marijuana in PA the consequences if caught are very clear:

30 grams or less results in a misdemeanor with a max fine of $500 and even jail time for up to 30 days.

  • More than 30 grams is still a misdemeanor with a max fine of $5,000 and up to one year in jail.
  • If it is your first time being convicted for possession in PA then you are eligible for conditional release, but your second and third convictions can result in a doubled penalty.

Additionally, PA weed paraphernalia laws are broadly defined which leads to way more arrests than we would like. 

You should be fine with a completely clean pipe. If it is dirty, that’s when cops could easily cite you for a misdemeanor. 

Keep these rules for Pennsylvania weed possession in mind, and you should have a better understanding of what you should and should not do.

Note to Pennsylvania weed card holders: Lawful possession of medical marijuana limits patients to a 3-month supply. Make sure you can justify the amount you hold, either through your physician’s recommendation, or through paperwork from the dispensary.

Pennsylvania Marijuana Laws on Possession

If you have your PA medical weed card, you’re in the clear to possess your marijuana in a private setting. 

What about possession of Pennsylvania recreational weed without a medical card?

Technically, all possession without a medical card is illegal, the punishment for carrying is now reduced (decriminalized). If you do carry marijuana in PA the consequences if caught are very clear:

  • 30 grams or less results in a misdemeanor with a max fine of $500 and even jail time for up to 30 days.
  • More than 30 grams is still a misdemeanor with a max fine of $5,000 and up to one year in jail.
  • If it is your first time being convicted for possession in PA then you are eligible for conditional release, but your second and third convictions can result in a doubled penalty.

Additionally, PA weed paraphernalia laws are broadly defined which leads to way more arrests than we would like. 

You should be fine with a completely clean pipe. If it is dirty, that’s when cops could easily cite you for a misdemeanor. 

Keep these rules for Pennsylvania weed possession in mind, and you should have a better understanding of what you should and should not do.

Note to Pennsylvania weed card holders: Lawful possession of medical marijuana limits patients to a 3-month supply. Make sure you can justify the amount you hold, either through your physician’s recommendation, or through paperwork from the dispensary.

Where Can You Smoke Cannabis in PA?

Smoking weed in Pennsylvania is still punishable by law.

If you are caught smoking weed in PA, you will be charged with possession plus a $100 fine, rather than just $25 for just having it. 

Act 16 does not say where cannabis consumption is allowed. 

For now, the only actual safe place to smoke your PA cannabis is at your home and you must be a medical card holder.

Be careful if you are smoking somewhere other than your home. Even if you’re a medical card holder, you can get a DUI if you have any trace of THC in your system while driving. 

PA Cannabis Laws on Sales and Distribution

So what does the laws say about selling PA marijuana?

If you aren’t a PA medical dispensary then you can’t sell cannabis. 

If you are caught selling any cannabis in PA you are subject to the following penalties:

  • 30 grams or less is a misdemeanor and you face up to $500 and 30 days in jail
  • 30 rams or more results in a felony, $15,000 fine, and 2.5-5 years -ouch

As you can see, selling more than an ounce or marijuana in PA has some serious consequences. PA weed laws are still pretty strict about this, but as we mentioned above there are a few brands surfacing that are participating in the “sharing” system.

Pennsylvania Marijuana Growing Laws

No allowance for cultivating cannabis in Pennsylvania has been made. So unfortunately, growing weed is not allowed even if you are a PA medical marijuana patient. 

Cultivating marijuana is illegal and a felony unless given explicit authorization through the DOH. 

The GOP-controlled Pennsylvania Senate has blocked amendments to the PA Medical Marijuana Program that would have eased restrictions and allowed Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients to grow their weed at home. 

For now, even with a PA medical marijuana card, growing weed is completely illegal and is considered a felony. If you are caught growing weed in PA, you can be punished by 2.5 to 5 years in prison with a fine of up to $15,000. 

Once recreational weed is legal we can expect the cultivation laws to change but for now growing your own weed in Pennsylvania is currently out of the question.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in PA

Residents of Pennsylvania with qualifying conditions are able to participate in the PA medical marijuana program. 

There are currently more than 20 conditions that will qualify you for the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program. If you have a valid PA license or ID you can gain access to medical weed in PA!

Some of the qualifying conditions include: PTSD, sickle cell, terminal illness, Parkinsons, epilepsy, cancer, autism, anxiety disorders, HIV/AIDS, opioid use disorder, and inflammatory bowel disease. To see the full list of 23 qualifying conditions click here.

If you have any of these qualifying conditions, you can register for the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program here. 

Registering will be the first step to getting your medical marijuana card, then you must have an approved physician submit their verification that you have one of the qualifying conditions for PA medical marijuana. 

Once you are registered, visit with your physician and ask them to verify that you have an approved condition for the Medical weed program. Approved physicians will have access to the Medical Marijuana Registry of and will be able to certify your registration for PA medical weed. 

Physicians are only able to certify and approve you for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania if they are registered with the DOH (Department of Health). If your physician is not registered with the DOH, you can find an approved physician here.

Once your physician certifies your medical marijuana registration, the final step will be to return to the Medical Marijuana Registry, and pay the $50 fee for your PA medical marijuana card to be created and mailed to you.

Note: You will need to renew your Pennsylvania medical marijuana card each year. But it’s easy to remember because when you are registered, you’ll receive emails reminding you to renew your card before it expires. 

Now you can visit any of the medical marijuana dispensaries in Pennsylvania. Check out our trusted favorites!

PA Medical Marijuana History

Pennsylvania became the 24th state to legalize the medical use of marijuana in 2016. 

In 2018, the first legal sale of Pennsylvania medical marijuana took place on February 15th. 

Up until 2021, the amount of weed that you could purchase from a medical dispensary in PA was one month’s supply. 

But after the five years of the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana operating and succeeding, the Department of Health has made recommendations on improving the PA marijuana law.

Now, as of 2021, you are allowed to buy up to a three month’s supply of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. 

There are many other pushes for progression of the Pennsylvania marijuana laws. 

Citing the racist and unscientific for its original prohibition, activists and many politicians are driving for more PA cannabis reform. Recreational marijuana is not far away.

Summary for Marijuana Pennsylvania Market

Given the current political and legal landscape of the market for Pennsylvania weed, it is best to  stick with dispensaries cohering with the PA medical marijuana program. 

Recreational weed PA could be on its way soon, but for now, without a medical card, your only option is to go through the grey market options.

These grey market options for Pennsylvania marijuana are still a little risky, but compared to before decriminalization, these options will not endanger your life or freedom! 

Just like any prohibition state, you must be careful if you don’t have a medical marijuana card. But the punishment is not nearly as severe.  

Now, if you have a PA medical marijuana card, what are you waiting for? You’re good to go! Head on over to some of our favorite spots to try some of the delicious nugs we’ve been grabbing.

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