Joint Delivery Co. is the newest kid on the block bringing the herbal heat (like shatter from Honeycomb Labs) to the District. Did you ever imagine a time where there would be a service that could be your one stop shop for all of your toking needs? Joint Delivery Co. is the Sandman making all those dreams come true. Shhh, don't tell Gaiman!



I was gifted with a goodie bag that included RAW rolling papers and tips, joint tubes, and a Clipper lighter- everything I could need to roll up their sweet Sunset Sherbet flower right where I stood, no trip to the head shop required! Blackberry Cheese Shatter by Honeycomb Labs and a 45mg Bhang chocolate bar (yay, edibles!) completed my gift package.

The Sunset Sherbet buds were a warm green enclosed in a layer of frosty trichomes with deep orange hairs that carried a slightly musty, sweet smell that I grew to love more and more after each bowl. Providing a satisfying mood boosting buzz that immediately takes hold after several pulls, this Indica-dominant strain would be ideal for depression, pain relief, anxiety, and stress. The quick head high diffused across my entire body, rapidly soothing and relaxing as it went. It worked wonders for my cramps.

Now, ladies and gents, on to the star of the show! The Blackberry Cheese Shatter by Honeycomb Labs was an extreme delight. I don’t believe that I’ve had anything by Honeycomb Labs that I did not enjoy and this strain was no different. It's appearance is indicative of top-shelf concentrate, a bright gold shatter that you can easily manage with your hands. The wonderful aroma of a Tangie-like citrus filled my nose when I first received it. However, the taste was that of an earthy pine, completely contradicting the citrusy smell that hit me when I cracked open the packaging. This strain delivered a hefty head high that I couldn’t shake for hours. I would not advise the operation of heavy machinery after a spot of Blackberry Cheese!

You don’t want to miss out on the awesomeness that Joint Delivery Co. can offer. From the brand name rolling accessories to the high-quality gifts this company has everything that your little heart could want and need. I’ll certainly be using them in the future- gotsta get that Honeycomb Labs! Head on over to their website and check them out for yourself. Psst! You can Follow them on Instagram to get in on new gift updates, stash & grabs, and giveaways. Nice!