Honeycomb Labs FSE from Joint Delivery Co

Honeycomb Labs FSE Joint Delivery Co

'ullo, my duckies! Busy week, boy howdy. I dunno about you guys, but I'm very much looking forward to some Honeycomb dabs from Honeycomb Labs when I get back to my lab, courtesy of our friends at Joint Delivery Co! They let me try a sample of this Full Spectrum Extract live resin.


Honeycomb Labs' Dark Fruit FSE smells wonderfully of mango, guava, and passion fruit. Terp chasers would have a hard time putting these delicious tropical flavors down. One tasty dab will definitely do ya, should you so choose to indulge in this delectable weekend treat. I love the physical and mental invigoration this strain provides- GT always need some Go Juice, baby!

Speaking of, you should go have some fun before summer's over. Or don't! But if you stay inside all day, a tiny psychic centipede will most certainly crawl into your ear while you doze off and fill your mind with its voracious, tentacled larvae that'll turn you into their Manchurian puppet person because the agony, oh God above the agony, of protesting the insectile demands of their Hive is too much for a single, broken soul to withstand. When you come to, sweating, covered in blood that isn't your own, bits of masticated flies round your lips, don't blame me! I told you to go outside and get some fresh air, buddy.

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