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Let Gentleman Toker be your Guide to Cannabis in Washington, DC! I’ve spent the past year hunting through the wide selection of marijuana available in our Nation’s Capital following the passage of Initiative 71 to help you find the very best. And write about slime monsters. All views presented here are my own to help out my fellow patients and misanthropic lycanthropes.

1. I’m a Gentleman, dammit, not a Doctor! You should consult a physician for all medical advice.
2. Silly Rabbit, Twax is for Adults 21+ in DC! You need to be of legal age to use cannabis.
3. THERE IS ONLY ZUUL. The only legal way for recreational cannabis to transfer hands in DC is by sharing, it can not be purchased.
4. I’m also not a Lawyer.  Like, seriously, super serious, go get your legal advice from one of those guys.  I do read laws sometimes, though, when I have time, which is never these days.
5. Don’t roll cigarette tobacco into the joint.  That’s gross, dude.

Good? Then c’mon in, let me show you around.

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