Buenos dias, my carnal chupacabras! It's here, it's here, it's finally here! Halloween Weekend, woot! Finally time to let my beautiful, brown curls down and have some fun. The Gentleman is a fan of Washington Vape Co's vape cartridges already, as you'll recall from my previous review, but I was really impressed with their flower quality yesterday. It might have been difficult to gauge from my reaction, since I was riggity wrecked by the end of our live session when they asked my thoughts. I was all like, "Huh? Am I supposed to be reviewing these? I'm smacked." My bad. Let me state unequivocally- WVC has awesome flowers you're going to be very happy with. We shared a blunt of Blueberry Sherbet and a joint of Platinum Cookies, and while I was way too stoned to isolate certain feelings from any particular strain or dab after the first, I was really impressed with the scent profiles. The Platinum Cookies was also quite sticky with resin. Love to see that! But you can't, cuz I was using my phone for the Live and the battery died. So I didn't get any pictures of the bud. I do, however, have pictures of Washington Vape Co's absolutely stunning terp sugar! When @PotPixies set me loose on the stash, I immediately reached for a new strain of their latest concentrate gifts. They had already given me a sample their Holy Grail Kush Terp Sugar to try but it sat on the shelf for a few days- it was just too pretty to smoke! What really grabs my attention here is the solid consistency. There's no sauce lying in the bottom of the jar, it's a fat little slab of orange crystals that is super easy to manage on your dab tool. The Holy Grail Kush has a sharp, slightly citrus nose but a very full-bodied, woody flavor. I was going to write this review yesterday before meeting up with the girls, but a single dab of the HGK in the morning deflated that notion. You'll want to save this one for TV time. During the live video, I checked out the Cheese, a classic UK hybrid. WVC's Cheese Terp Sugar was potent and a terrific mood-lifter to start the show. Washington Vape Co's gifts are available for delivery- here's their website- and they've got some great edibles now, too, with infused candied bacon on deck along with Jetty's Mind Tricks Infused Toffees.