By far the most frequent question I get these days is where to get cannabis concentrate. "What's your problem, GT?" is second-most and takes a lot longer to answer, involving Freudian calculus and, like, Venn diagrams. We'll do that later. But I understand their confusion. As far as I understand it, there aren't any Initiative 71 delivery companies that deliver oil. is a definite option for you couchlocked homebodies but the events are where it's at. Especially, y'know. The Hash Bazaar presented by B.P. Errl & Funky Piece. Kinda says it all, yeah? The next one is Thursday, Dec 22, from 8pm-midnight. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Golden Ticket shatter in my B.P. Errl slick Golden Ticket shatter in my B.P. Errl slick[/caption] ICYMI, last's week's Bazaar was LIT. And packed. Who would have guessed so many people would show up for free dabs? The event is at an Adams Morgan restaurant with a chill upstairs lounge but most folks thronged the vendor tables downstairs.  District Connoisseurs gave a friend of mine her very first dab. And I was happy to take one myself with our good friends at Funky Piece. I managed to stop by B.P. Errl's table for some absolutely fabulous Dr. Who Live Resin. I loved this strain I got from Pharmer Miller recently and the dab had more pinene terps than your Christmas tree. I had to get that, plus the Jilly Bean. That strain is supposed to be good for social anxiety and I'm looking forward to testing it out. I had some of the flower the last time I was in Oregon, but didn't notice any particular benefit.  Insomnia Cookies came through with some delicious freebies that were wolfed down in minutes by the hungry crowd, which didn't thin out until 11pm. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="960"]The White shatter from B.P. Errl The White shatter[/caption] So here's the deal. It's not free this time. You get a ticket on Eventbrite. You pay nothing online. You pay $5 at the door. Don't get a ticket if you're not gonna go. Right? See, I knew you were cool. There's gonna be giveaways. There's gonna be raffles. And some of our very favorite Initiative 71 compliant vendors will be representing. You're gonna have to spend days with your family, probably, maybe. I don't know your situation. But you should hang out and get some dabs first, so you can have a Nat King Cole Chistmas- roasted on that fire like a chestnut, baby! TICKETS! Social Media for the Vendors: B.P. Errl on Instagram FunkyPiece on Instagram District Connoisseurs on Instagram The Wacky on Instagram