Ahh, our other favorite holiday has arrived and GT has got some Moxie. 7/10, baby! For those not up to speed, 710 means "oil," which is what it spells out if you look at it upside down, referring to dabs. Concentrate. Wax. Budder. Shatter. That good gud, you know? Nothin wrong with 4/20 and nothin wrong with two holidays instead of one. Right? I know I'm right. But I'm still siiiiiiick. My day for dabbing is pretty much shot, I'm only gonna take a couple little ones and back to sleep. But if I could, I know what I'd be dabbing on today! GT OG! Yeah, baby! Ok, ok, it's not named after me. Having my name on it is close enough for now! It's more unbelievable golden TRIM-RUN globs from Moxie, this time processing Green Therapeutics' signature strain. It's heaviest in the terpene myrcene, which typically knocks me out, with a smidgen of limonene that I find very useful for depression. A dab is immediately relaxing, quieting the mind, leveling off my mood, and after an hour or so, your Bed May Be Closer Than It Appears. Yum! Ok, go enjoy yourself. Don't shed a tear for me, my friend, everyday is 7/10 here at GTHQ! Except today. Sorta. Blargh, you got the gist. Just turn off the sun on your way out, please.