Guava Cake (Lucky Chuckie DC)

lucky chuckie dc guava cake weed photo


Guava Cake flowers are available NOW for delivery in Washington DC from our friends at Lucky Chuckie! Here's all the flowers and edibles they have to share with you:




Premium Strains


  • Animal Cookies (Indica 75/25)
  • Platinum OG (Indica 75/25)
  • GS Cookies (Hybrid 50/50)
  • Guava Cake (70/30)


Exotic Strains


  • Blue Cookies (Indica 90/10)
  • Purple Punch (Indica 80/20)




  • 5 Pack (Choose Any Available Strain)






  • Lemonade (300mg)
  • Sweet Tea (300mg)




  • Medibles Gummies (300mg)
  • Mercy Sour Patch (1000mg)


Baked Goods


  • Strawberry Swirl Brownies (250mg)
  • M&M Brownies (250mg)
  • Cupcakes (250mg)


Cereal Bars


  • Kit Kat Bars (200mg)
  • French Toast Bars (250mg)
  • Trix Bars (250mg)


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