Despite police shutting down the planned Grower's Cup event, the entries were judged over the past month.  The submissions were ground, packed into joints, and submitted to the growers that had entered the competition (since I didn't, I could not be a judge. Maybe next time).  Congratulations to the winners!  I'm hoping to feature a review of all the champion strains and profile their growers here soon. INDICA Flower:
  1. XXX- Phone Homie Farms
  2. THREE WAY TIE: Slimmer- Budda Bella (Budda Bella Seeds) Dead Head OG- Magnus Colt (Cali Connections Seeds) Critical Hog- Everick Moore (TH Seeds)
SATIVA Flower:
  1. Tangie- DMV Exclusives
  2. Laughing Buddha- Real Deal's Gardening (Barney's Farm)
  3. J1- J Numbers (Capitol City Seeds)
HYBRID Flower:
  1. Platinum Cookies- Tetri-9 Flowers (BC Bud Depot)
  2. J3- J Numbers (Capitol City Seeds)
  3. Gorilla Glue #4
  1. XXX Girlscout Cookies- DMV Exclusives by Jam Master JP
  2. American Kush
  3. TIE: AK48- Dr Trichome Slimmer- Budda Bella
  EDIBLES: won by Claudia Gamez, Kush Cakes CONCENTRATE: won by DMV Exclusives Photos of the entries can be viewed here.