What are you doing on Sunday?  Nothing?  Perfect!  You should come out to the Green Light Festival's Second Fundraiser.  Listen to me rant in person instead of on the internet!  For a few minutes.  Not for like, the whole time or anything.  Can you imagine?  Egads! But at some point you can probably ask me questions and watch me stare at you awkwardly while I try to remember how to speak. C'mon, whaddaya say?  It'll be A-dorable. Fret not, there will be plenty of other entertainment and some great vendors.  I can personally attest to the tinctures from Dr. Trichome, they are a cut above and very strong.  PROTIP- they burn like a right bastard.  Take care not to cough it back at him, he's not that kind of doctor (sorry, dude)!  A review is definitely needed but I thought so highly of my sample, I gave it to someone close to me that was suffering.  That's the best endorsement I can give, if a little short in the whole "word" department. Here's the line-up to date: Vendors: *A Taste Of Heaven Edibles *Dr. Trichome *ButterNuggz *Supreme Delights *Rosinstein *Gifts From The Earth/WeBaked *Hemp Kettle Tea *KayaMan *Hemp Doggy Treats Musicians: *Cutdro Rod *Davy Fresh *Torch *TigerLily *Henni The Stoner *Purple Coalition *The Higher Choice (THC) As you can imagine, I am stoked for the opportunity for the invite and working on my little spiel has kept my busy brain buzzing, so we're a little slow on content right now, folks.  Them's the breaks when you follow your muse! So I guess I'm just gonna' give that cannabis away that I've been promising instead.  People that signed up for my email list already know that the winner will be announced tomorrow.  You have a few hours left to sign up for this contest!  I'm accepting new entries until midnight EST tonight. Alright, now I can get back to watching Stranger Things writing, of course!  Writing!  Here's that link to purchase tickets to the Fundraiser again.  See you there!  NO SPOILERS. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="221"] Dobby Write, Dobby Write![/caption]