It's time for another giveaway, y'all! This time I got Green Label Grinders on board so you can check out their awesome flowers for FREE! I'm also changing things up a bit. You won't have to meet me, personally. From here on, the great and powerful Oz shall remain behind his curtain and you can make arrangements with the giveaway sponsor directly- I'll let them know who the winner is and your contact details. Hopefully, we'll be able to do them more regularly this way, too, as it won't depend on my schedule. So how do you win a free quarter-ounce from Green Label Grinders? Easy! Just sign up for my newsletter list. The giveaway is exclusive to Gentleman Toker subscribers, because I'm awesome, Green Label's awesome, you, presumably, are also awesome, it's just a big love fest over here. Get on in! Oh! Please keep in mind:
  1. You have to be 21 or older to receive cannabis. You will be required to show ID.
  2. You have to claim your prize in Washington, DC, where gifting is allowed under I71.
What I've been doing is sending out a notice to newsletter subscribers to write me back to enter the contest- like, 20th person to write me back wins, sorta thing. That's gonna go out one day this week. So sign up, watch for my email, and then write me back fast. Good luck, baby! [caption id="attachment_30041" align="alignnone" width="300"]green label dc logo link VISIT GREEN LABEL![/caption]