Herbal Alternatives' marketing photo, not mine!

This frosty lady is my personal favorite offering from Alternative Solutions.  It smells and tastes exactly like its sour citrus namesake.  You’ll definitely experience the flavor when you smoke it, but unlocking the full flavor profile of terpenes like these is one of the best reasons to own a vaporizer.  It’s a smooth smoke either way.

What really strikes me about this strain is that I feel the same light clarity of thought that I’ve experienced with sativa Hazes, but do little to help my mood- sometimes even agitating me further.  This particular flower, however, provides the emotional buoy against anxiety I require and have come to expect from indicas.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find some Haze in the lineage, though it is purported to be a cross of Grapefruit x the infamous Bubba Kush!  Grapefruit Krush gently relaxes my muscles as it carries my stress away and once again, I am ready to tackle the next challenge.

The other great draw is its flexibility.  Along with a cup of strong coffee, you’ll get plenty done with this medicine and not notice any impairment to your thinking or energy level.  You can smoke it in the evenings to unwind and get caught up on the shows you’ve been meaning to binge-watch, without waking up hours later to find you’ve missed several episodes and Netflix wants to know if you’re still watching,..Yet, if you want something to help you off to dreamland, a little more Grapefruit Krush later at night will also ease you off to sleep.  It’s not the true KO an insomniac needs, but it’ll work in concert with exhaustion.