GRADED: Oreos (Lucky Chuckie)

oreos weed photo lucky chuckie

The Gentleman has identified a fantastic flower for you to unwind with this weekend. I mean, really let the air out and let that ass breathe, baby. I was immediately impressed how strikingly reminiscent of its namesake the delicious, creamy aroma of this bag was. Notching a very respectable 3.0 GPA (out of 4.0 possible) overall, here’s how I scored Lucky Chuckie’s Oreos flower!

AROMA: 3 (cream)
FLAVOR: 3 (same, & no defects detected)
SMOKE: 4 (smooth & easy)

TRICHOMES: 3 (full coverage, small)
RESIN: 0 (no stickiness detected)
SEEDS: 4 (none found)
MANICURE: 3 (small stems left on)
STRUCTURE: 2 (mix of small buds & popcorns)
MOISTURE: 4 (springy, stem cracks under finger pressure)
DENSITY: 4 (ideal)

Blissfully relaxing in its effect, Oreos feels like a safe, snuggly blanket for the mind. My mood is even, open, and accepting to the ebbs and flows of the universal oceans. Vibin this ride, baby! Right now I’m absolutely soaking in the new single Don’t Hold Back from DRAMA, that jam’s like KY in my earholes. My anxiety is low, but my astral assistant is courteously, yet persistently, bringing work back to my attention. I SAID I WAS TRYING TO VIBE, SANDWORM!!! It’s so hard to get good psychic-monster help these days, isn’t it? [fans self] It’d be very easy to recline into the chaise and not come back for a couple of hours, but it’s not a foregone conclusion. Oreos are more mellow than heavy and can go with whatever flow you need. But keep the caffeine handy, Danny.

Oreos is confirmed AVAILABLE NOW at Lucky Chuckie! They’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Delivery & Curbside Pick-Up in Washington DC. Call/Text 202-424-8367 for Delivery or 202-826-2246 for Curbside Pick-Up. And take 15% off your order by including the code TOKER in your order! Here’s their full menu to choose from:

More Lucky Chuckie Photos!

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