GRADED: London Poundcake (Heady Club)
London Pound Cake Heady Club

GRADED: London Poundcake Flower

Looking for a li'l pick-me-up this weekend? Heady Club's latest crop of London Poundcake flower has earned a 3.0 GPA (out of a possible 4.0) and is available NOW! Here's how the grade breaks down:

AROMA: 2 (hay, but there's a whiff of sweetness in there)
FLAVOR: 2 (no defect detected)
SMOKE: 4 (surprisingly smooth!)

TRICHOMES: 3 (100% coverage but not bulky enough for a perfect score)
RESIN: 1 (a little sticky, that's fun!)
SEEDS: 4 (none)
MANICURE: 3 (some extraneous stems)
STRUCTURE: 4 (curvy buds)
MOISTURE: 3 (dry)
DENSITY: 4 (perfect)
(psst. Here's the explanation of how the Gentleman's Flower Grading System works)

This London Poundcake flower feels like a well-balanced hybrid. I could fall asleep if I wanted to (or had the freakin' time), but I don't have to. The overall effect makes me think of a limonene-dominant flower. My thoughts are kind of floating around in the sky like untethered, helium balloon animals. What's that giraffe there? Wouldn't you like to know, winkety-wink-wink. No, I don't want to have sex with people in giraffe costumes! I'm far too busy working on Rule 34 nudes of Samsung's digital assistant to...even...consider...hmm. Oh. You'll have to excuse me, darlings, I fear an inspiration has struck! This better not awaken anything in me...

Heady Club is open 10am-8pm Monday thru Saturday and 12pm-5pm on Sundays for Delivery. Call 202-460-8698 to schedule your appointment! Here's their full menu of fine cannabis gifts:

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