Ghost OG Shatter (AFS Maryland)

Maryland medical marijuana processor AFS has quickly become one of your Gentleman's favorite brands due to their consistently beautiful, stable shatter. In fact, I liked their Ghost OG that was recently on sale so much ($80 for 1 gram at several dispensaries. Yes, that pricing constitutes a sale. Sigh) that I accidentally bought it twice. Oops. AFS stands for Arizona Facilities Supply, which is super boring. It sounds like they make off-brand, warehouse-grade paper towels, not sexy, sexy shatter. Yes, I'm pretty sure I got some wires crossed between girls and weed during puberty, but there's nothing to be done about it at this point, is there? Anyway, I'm sure you noticed the Arizona part. Nothing gets by you, eh? Yes, AFS is headquartered, and has a medical marijuana dispensary of their own, out in AZ. I love Arizona. I used to live there, for a couple short, completely fucked up months when I was eighteen. There was this girl that had just started dating my new friend Bill, right? And we were all in the front seat of his Impala dropping her off at the community college when they started making out, but then she reached over and started grabbing my crotch. I was kinda stunned, cuz of course I was, and when Bill noticed, he asked her to get out of the car, then halfway through a dead quiet ride home, threatened to leave me in the desert. True story, folks, and that's only one of, like...four, I have from Arizona. At least. Man, what a trip. Oh, this has nothing to do with the review. I just wanted you to know what a prudish dick Bill was. Right? And now I feel better. Shall we do a review, or whatever? [caption id="attachment_7760" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Ghost OG Shatter Tangie[/caption] AFS Maryland's Tangie shatter is what first got my attention, which was incredibly smooth to dab and had a delightful citrus flavor. Tangie is a sativa-leaning strain that provided terrific mood enhancement and anxiety relief, but  kept me clear-headed and able to focus, which made it a true asset as daytime medicine. I had so much to do last month and am now blissfully caught up. I also picked up a half-gram of Shore Shatter on special for $50 on 4/19 at Euphoria Wellness in New Market, which I expect is simply a blend of various strains from grower Shore Naturals. The flavor isn't nearly what it was on the Tangie, kinda bland, but the clarity is still excellent. The effects were an interesting mix of mental stimulation and physical relaxation. My mood is nicely balanced and I feel both sharp and present, which made it a natural choice to dab before an important meeting where I couldn't let my mind wander to thoughts of, like, what kind of reaction I'd get if I rolled up to a checkout counter with a shopping cart filled with nothing but tissues, lotion, and mozzarella sticks. [caption id="attachment_7761" align="aligncenter" width="720"]shore shatter Shore Shatter[/caption] No, that's what AFS' Ghost OG is for- rather neutral in flavor, but easy on the lungs, and such hilarious, vivid brain movies rolling in my imagination that I'm laughing to myself constantly. Well, I tried blurting out "LET'S GET DRUUUUUUNK" at some poor clerk when he called 'next,' but it was way funnier in my head then out loud, or here, actually, and then I tried explaining the joke, which seems unnecessary in retrospect, and it turned into an awkward conversation about the weather. So. Probably not the one for being in public or socializing with new people unless you intend to share. The Ghost OG puts me in a fantastic mood, obviously, but I definitely don't have the mental clarity I experienced with the others, which is typical of high limonene content. A thought will come to mind but escapes as I try to follow, like loose balloons rising ever higher until they vanish from the horizon. Oh! AFS' Ghost OG shatter was also extracted from Shore-grown flower. [caption id="attachment_7762" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Ghost OG Shatter close up Ghost OG. Yummers![/caption] The Gentleman is a big fan of AFS' shatter and very excited about what the future holds for this processor's products as Maryland's medical growers are able to produce flowers with stronger terpene profiles. You should absolutely pick some up next time you're at the dispensary. If you need a card, click here. And if you need my newsletter (PROTIP: You do), then click here. But whatever you do, absolutely do not ever click here. You'll be sorry!

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