GG #4 (DC Green Kings)
One of my newest favorite brands to hit the I71 delivery scene, DC Green Kings has some excellent GG #4 flowers in today (pictured above)! Man, I'm getting tired of that abbreviation. I mean, I ain't mad at Gorilla Glue or the Girl Scouts for not wanting their trademarks used to sell weed with wanton disregard for their feelings on the matter, that's, uh, understandable. But it's time we came up with something else to call 'em, eh? Ape Tape? No, no. Sticky Monkey! YES! Raise your hands if you like Sticky Monkey. Ok, it's unanimous then! Aside from the Sticky Monkey, DC Green Kings also has the T.I.T.S. I reviewed back in along with San Fernando Romulan, OG Space Donkey, and Lost Soul flower gifts. Highly recommended!

Review: T.I.T.S. X

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