GG #1 Flowers (Dope City Supreme)

I can't help thinkin' how handy some turtle shells would be at clearing this holiday traffic off the aisles and roads and outta my damn way, I got stuff to buy for ungrateful jerks that think they're so much better than me cuz I smoke weed so I can spend a few uncomfortable hours getting talked down to, since staying at home and getting drunk by myself for Christmas tips the Sadness Scale a bit farther than I can psychically handle right now. Sigh. The Gentleman always gets grouchy this time of year, but every time I look at the trich'd out GG #1 flowers from new delivery brand Dope City Supreme, my Grinchy heart grows three sizes and I feel just terrible for stealing all of your presents. You can have them back, it was a dick move. My bad. DOPE CITY SUPREME DC LOGO LINKVISIT DOPE CITY! GG (the strain formerly known as Gorilla Glue) #4 is far more common to find and easy to spot. Half the time I see buds that are swarming with trichomes on Instagram, it turns out to be GG#4. Dope City Supreme had some great-looking #4 on hand, too, but #1 was positively stunning, cannabis fit for the red carpet...hmm...Red Carpet Cannabis. I like it. I own it now. You can't have it, fuck off. Aaand I haven't had a chance to review GG #1 yet, so here we go. GG #1 dope city So. Much. Kief. It looks like you could get your Swift on and just shake it off. An exquisite nose follows- spicy, but cool, a little earthy, a little diesel, I thought I caught a note of coffee after I ground it. Dope City Supreme's buds were fresh, perfectly cured, and properly trimmed. The high was pretty similar to GG #4, but whereas #4 usually wraps my head in a happy, fuzzy fog, GG #1 missed a few spots. It put me in a good mood, but I felt rather lethargic, and since I could still think somewhat clearly, my mind was on the million things I had to do instead of doing any of them or enjoying the latest season of Trailer Park Boys. While Ricky's screaming about getting shot in the balls, I'm thinking about writing this review. Better saved for the evening when you've got all your chores done, Bubs. Blue Dream shatter Also not helping me get anything done is Dope City Supreme's Blue Dream shatter! A lot of folks like Blue Dream, but it's never really been my favorite strain. I got it cuz the sample they gave me tasted fantastic and I gotta have them terps! That, and the shatter itself is flawless, a golden delight with amazing clarity. I get a whiff of berries when I hold it close, which is all the nose you can expect from shatter. You can go through a gram pretty quickly, as this batch is baby-soft on the lungs. After a dab, I feel calm and relaxed, but have little energy and can't cogitate well enough to get much done, anyway. I don't usually have to switch out the strain I'm reviewing to get my writing done, but the Blue Dream is way too chill. I think it'd be great for yoga, meditation, or a brisk walk since it's so wonderfully warm out right now and I'm almost finished! Blue Dream shatter cannabis These gifts from Dope City are indeed Supreme. All my little Whos are gonna be thrilled with their flowers, concentrate, and yes, they've got edibles and vape cartridges, too, my precious Cindy Lou. Here's their website. And if you want to get on the Gentleman's Nice List, that's easy- all you gotta do is Subscribe! You don't want to be on the other list, do you?