[caption id="attachment_383" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Pictured: Not the free weed. I honestly don't remember what this is. But it's pretty, right? Content, baby! Pictured: Not the free weed. I honestly don't remember what this is. But it's pretty, right? Content, baby![/caption] Heyo!  I want to say thank you to everyone reading out there.  This blog is only a month old and doesn't have ANY pictures of semi-naked ladies (yet?) but nearly one thousand unique visitors have checked it out according to the fancy stat-tracking software.  That's amazing! I want to reach a lot more people.  Thanks to Initiative 71, people in the District of Columbia can gift each other cannabis.  A lot of folks are taking advantage of this amazing new ability to share weed legally but there's the expectation of a donation for their time, or you have to buy something else to get the gift, etc.  I see a better way. I'm going to give you the chance to WIN FREE WEED!  Absolutely ZERO donations are accepted!  You will take it for FREE, give me nothing but a smile (optional!), and walk away.   The Gentleman Toker would never give out cannabis that he has not personally verified as meeting his quality standards.  If it can't make it on this site, it's not going to the WINNER. To qualify, you must SUBSCRIBE to my email newsletter AND you must be 21 or older (I'm going to check your ID, believe it) AND meet me in DC to receive the free weed, since that's where it's legal.  I'll send out the details soon to all the subscribers (like, a week or two.  I want time to get lots of folks in on the first contest). The Gentleman, I think y'all know by now, is a straight shooter.  I'm doing this to sell advertising, plain and simple.  If I can generate more traffic, I can sell good ads on the blog and the newsletter and not the kind where they want to trick you into playing some dumb game full of spyware.  I'm trying to keep it classy, folks.  That's why it's important you SHARE this post with as many people as you can!  The more people sign up, the more cannabis I'll be able to give away- I want to do this often.  There have got to be at least 50,000 fellow tokers out there in the DMV that could use a free bag of top shelf flower! Oh no, did I give away the business plan?  No worries.  If everyone else starts giving away free cannabis, too, and the Gentleman can no longer compete in the flood of free flowers pouring through the city, weeeeeeell...you remember that Seinfeld episode about the menage a trois?  When he went looking for gold, but George told him he'd struck uranium instead?  Yeah, I'm going to call that potential scenario an even bigger win.  Go on, DC- give your weed away!