Gentleman Toker in the Washington Post!

HOLY SCHNIKES, FOLKS! The Washington Post wanted to know just where that lovely dank smell is coming from so they hit up your very own Gentleman to ask. Go read the article! It features moi, naturally, along with Phone Homie and Funky Piece. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to Maia Silber (and her editor!) for reaching out. I mean, THE WASHINGTON FREAKIN’ POST KNOWS WHO I AM! That’s crazy!

As a DMV native, I’ve grown up reading the Post, so this is just…I am beside myself. Getting in has always sat in my hope chest for this site, but I thought it would be years before a big, strapping newspaper like WaPo took notice of a little ole’ wallflower like me.

Like, it’d be some “This Man’s Been Reviewing Weed for 25 Years” sorta deal where I was interviewed in my cramped Hoarders rowhouse, covered in stacks of old High Times magazines, reeking of stale cigarette smoke and cat urine from the strays that wander in.

Right, so I’m gonna go strut around Vegas like a BeeGee now. Ha ha ha ha stayin aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! 

Vegas photos! Critical Kush from Moxie Trim Run

A close up cuz this trim run is wow.

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