Gas Tanker (Joint Delivery Co)

Tigers! Of course. That's why my pansexual, polyamorous drug cult hasn't taken off. It's not that I don't have charisma, it's that I don't have any tigers. Well, that's good news! I can buy a damn tiger. I mean, we. We can buy a tiger. If y'all are down to pitch in, bring your equipment down to build the zoo and pay for everything, we can buy lots of tigers, I bet. I'll post the GoFundMe link later! Ooh, and your authority in Tiger Cult can be based off your donation, just like Scient woah-hoho, there, hoss! No need to poke around the Zeddite nest, we'll just stop there, yes? Let's discuss our friends at Joint Delivery Co instead.

Their website offers several different packages of smoking tools, glass, and so on you can purchase for delivery. Each category features different gifts- you'll find flowers under their Rolling Essentials packages, for example. Minimum order for delivery is $50.

Joint Delivery Co has rolled out their own line of premium flowers under the label Re: fresh. The Gentleman picked up an impressive batch called Gas Tanker for review.

joint delivery co dc gas tanker weed

The eighth is two big, beautiful buds in a clear glass jar with a branded top. These dense nugs are a healthy green peppered with dark hairs and its perfect manicure has left ample, glittering trichomes to admire. Overall bag appeal is very high.

Gas Tanker's scent profile is spicy and lightly sour, reminiscent of the Chem and Diesel lines, which I'm sure is somewhere in its parentage. It smokes clean, easy, effortlessly. Even more impressive, though, is how resinous these buds are! You'll find this icky sticky indeed, young esquire, and no mistake. Days after opening the jar, it's still leaving residue on my fingers. Quite a rare trait, in my experience.

joint delivery co dc weed glass jar refresh

The high is absolutely perfect for doing the cleaning and organizing you've been telling yourself you'd get around to, because it's mentally quieting but still quite alert, even energetic. It's important to cultivate a state of inner tranquility to really get into cleaning, otherwise your brain will tell you cleaning sucks, remind you that Better Call Saul is on Netflix, and you're kinda tired anyway, aren't you?

Joint Delivery Co's Gas Tanker has had me buzzing around the apartment like a bee all week to keep the dishes washed and clutter at bay, lest chaos be granted a foothold in the Gentleman's manor, and the occasional swirl of dwindling disinfectant wipes around for good measure. I thought the stores were supposed to be restocking stuff, but I haven't seen a bottle of hand sanitizer or even isopropyl in two weeks. I just need, like, one bottle for me, and the rest are for my army of tigers outside. What, you want me to bring them inside? I thought not. Sanny pleeez!