Future (Green Label Grinders)

WOO WOO! HELLO PARTY PEOPLES! What are you doing tonight? Personally, I'm gonna check out the super sketchy party at some lounge or whatever I saw advertised on an h-stake sign on the side of the road. What better way to ring in the New Year than walking into what is clearly a From Dusk til Dawn-style vampire trap scenario?

But I can't tell you where it is cuz I am not gonna be responsible for a bunch of rookies in the middle of my damn hunt! Why don't hang back today and smoke some of these ultra-fine Future flowers from I71 fave Green Label Grinders (available exclusively via pick-up appointment)? Study your Maleficarium and maybe we'll talk about bringing you on the next run, eh? Also available today:

Lemon Haze
Green Crack
Sour Pebbles
Strawberry Cough

Grandaddy Purple
Blue Cheese

Batch 45
Sticky Monkey
Future (above)

Reviews: Big Bud and Blue Rhino

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