Free Weed Friday – DC Grrl Power Edition!

Free Weed Friday- DC Grrl Power Edition

Happy Friday, baby, it’s time for the next free weed giveaway! Quick FYI about the DC cannabis scene that doesn’t get enough mention in the media, roughly 75% of the brands featured on are minority, female, or veteran-owned- sometimes all three.

Opportunities to own a cannabis business are mostly unattainable for the lower and middle classes, especially on the East Coast- heck, Maryland can’t even figure out a way to legislate minority-owned businesses into the medical program.

But DC’s unique situation has given them that elusive opportunity and is proud to support them. You can save your applause- I’m having a blast and get to smoke a lot of free weed. Speaking of, you probably want some. Cool!

This Free Weed Friday is brought to you by three of the Gentleman’s favorite women-owned Initiative 71 brands. One lucky newsletter subscriber is going to win:

One’s infused with 100mg of Purple Urkle, the other with Pineapple Chunk. Hot damn, that’s a haul, baby! The pies are partially baked- just toss em in the oven when you’re ready to eat. Then take it out and let it cool. Please do not shove your head in the stove to eat your Golden Pineapple pie faster. I can not stress this enough.


All you gotta do for a chance to win the DC Grrl Power Prize Pack is Subscribe to my Newsletter! Same rules as last time:

  1. You have to be 21 or older for me to gift you these items. You better believe I’m gonna check your ID unless you have a ZZ Top beard. If you are three kids standing on each other’s shoulders in a trench coat, I’m definitely going to figure it out.
  2. You have to meet me in DC. We’ll make arrangements.
  3. I’ll use the Random Number Generator to get a number. If it corresponds to your Subscriber number, hooray!
  4. I’ll send the winner notice next Friday, 2/2/18, via email. You have 48 hours to respond. If I don’t hear from you, I’m picking another winner. Them’s the breaks!
  5. I won’t publish your name or photo or anything unless you’re cool with it.
  6. TOTALLY FREE. You don’t have to buy a tee shirt or a sticker or anything. This is just me saying thanks for reading, bozo.
  7. If you’re already Subscribed, you don’t need to Subscribe again. You’re all set!

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