It's almost time!  Get your best buds and buddies together, then come on down to the B.U.D. Summit next Saturday, August 20th at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill (400 New Jersey Ave NW).   This event is shaping up to be even more impressive than the Capitol Canna Show was and I had an absolute blast there, so you really don't want to miss this.  The one and only Rick freakin' Simpson (you've heard of RSO, right?) will be joining us electronically.  I'm thrilled about his involvement and can't wait to hear what the man has to say!  There are so many other impressive speakers it's a shame to have to list them all because that intrinsically implies a ranking.  It should just be one thundercloud of swirling names, randomly striking your consciousness with the lightning of recognition that YOU WANT TO GO TO THERE.  Here's the link to buy tickets for your Scarecrows, Tin Men, and don't forget your little dog, too. FOR A LIMITED TIME- tickets are available on Groupon at a discounted rate. "But, GT," you say, "what about the free tickets in the title?  I like things better when they are free."  I can dig it!  The folks running the show reached out to me with ten (10!) free tickets to giveaway, but there's a catch- Brandon Wyatt says the tickets are intended for the:
"Over 200,000 students have been kicked out of school due to cannabis related convictions. To add insult to injury, these students are unable to pursue their eduction because they are ineligible to receive federal financial aid. This is unethical and due to changing laws, tantamount to medical discrimination, especially when combined with the disparate impact created by agency-level policies. We invite those students to pursue a career in cannabis and work to end the casualties of the drug war that has plagued our generation's talent pools.”
So if the War on Cannabis has impacted your ability to pursue your education, we want to hear from you!  You can send me a message through this site or social media with a couple paragraphs about what happened and how it has affected your life.  Your story will be published here on the site and you can indicate whether you want to use your real name or just your first and last initial- I fully respect your privacy AND your right to use cannabis AND pursue a better life, because the last time I checked, this was America, dagnabit! Right, right, no ranting this week.  I'll save that for the BUD Summit, where you'll be able to stop by my table and I can give you your daily dose of GT in person!  That's right, your friendly, neighborhood weirdo with a website will be there.  Pull up a rocking chair, pour yourself a tall, cool glass of lemonade, and sit a spell. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Rocking Chairs Not Included. Lemonade Might Be![/caption]