Flowers from Wow, so many new delivery companies these days! launched right about the same time as so it's high time (ba-dum-ching) they got their review, too! The website is intuitive and easy to use.  They ask you to enter a password to proceed on to the site, but they display the password on that same page, so I don't get the point of that particular feature, but no problems once you're in.  You can order non-infused cookies or a tee shirt.  I like that idea- non-infused cookies give you something good to munch on after you enjoy the flowers.  The hours are a little odd- they state that any time you can place an order, they're open.  I hit them up at 7pm on a weekday, so I have no idea how late/early they make deliveries.  They only accept credit cards which is perfect for me, so I can rack up the frequent flyer miles, but consider using a reloadable card if you require discretion.  I wrote "Indica" in the notes section because, lawdy, I need to chill out a bit.  While I waited for my order, I checked out their About page in further depth and was very pleased to learn that a portion of each sale goes to the House of Ruth, a local non-profit organization that provides invaluable resources to help women and families escape homelessness and domestic violence, a cause very near to my heart. Flowers from Their stated goal is delivery within an hour, traffic permitting, but these guys were FAST.  I got the call in thirty minutes that the driver was downstairs.  It wasn't hard to pick out the guy with the small pizza box that said Red Eye DC on it.  He was professional and courteous as he asked to see my ID, then handed me the box along with a heat-sealed, professionally packaged gift.  Personally, I don't like the blackout bags because I want to see what's inside, but I understand that not everyone wants to stand in front of their building examining their weed like a old-timer prospector down at the crick like me.  A couple years' experience with these bags tell me with a quick, gentle squeeze that what was inside was what I expected, so I thanked the driver and went inside. Flowers from RedEyeDC delivery The bag was labeled "Sweet Tooth," so they get big points for meeting my request in the notes.  The bag was mostly popcorn nugs but they had a light frosting and were well-manicured, so bag appeal was okay.  Weight looked to be on point, but I'm missing a scale to double-check at the moment!  Expecting a sweet smell, I got a disappointing nose full of hay, instead.  I filled a RAW cone and found the smoke to be harsh, but bearable.  The medical benefits were excellent, though.  This strain is a relaxing, heady indica and precisely what I needed.  It did a great job easing my anxiety and putting me in a receptive, happy mood to laugh and watch some sitcoms (that Brickleberry show featuring Tosh and Dee from Its Always Sunny is pretty damn funny).  The munchies are a very useful trait for what some folks are treating, but it's not what I'm looking for and I'm glad to report this indica didn't feature it.  I decided to eat one of the chocolate chip cookies they bake fresh daily anyway because it was delicious. I was definitely ready for bed an hour after smoking and if I had pushed it further, would probably have fell asleep in the chair again. All in all, I had a good experience- quick, friendly, easy service and I enjoyed the bud, though there's definitely room for improvement, but I like these guys.