IMG_0678 Flower Entry #43 (Chem 4)Secret Cup DC Before I head out for the Secret Cup Award Session, I just had to gush over #43 a little bit. This is the only indica leaning strain offered out of the four samples and it is sublime. I received several supple, hearty nuggets that were glistening with trichomes. They are a bit dry, not as much as #s 41 and 42. This is still very much cannabis in its prime. It has a unique and complex odor, mostly sandalwood with hints of pepper. It is a delight to smoke. It reminds me of Berry White with its strong but not overpowering mood enhancement. It calms restless thoughts but on the other edge of that sword is an inertia against cognition. It's not the same as impairment- you can get the ball rolling by focusing on the first step, and this flower can help you along. That's perfect for the Gentleman's evenings in, as well as later at night, as it helps, but doesn't make you fall asleep. I think you'd have a bad time if you were planning to do something social with strangers, though. Yes, I'm talking about me regretting smoking some of this before going out tonight. Hopefully I don't stare at anyone too long with a dumb half-smile on my face because I literally can't think of anything to say. Please forgive me in advance when I inevitably do just that. I really like #43. My Secret Cup Score: 9/10