I hope everyone had a great 7/10 holiday!  From the pictures I've seen it clearly looks like the place to have been is the Chalice Cup in Victorville, CA.  That's alright, if you were stuck here in the DC summer swamplands chasing Pokemon and dead bodies like me and every-freakin-one else this weekend, then you got the chance to participate in my very first giveaway!  See, I smoked some of this... [caption id="attachment_365" align="aligncenter" width="300"]IMG_0875 Lucy Gorilla Sap (Dank by Pank), Secret Cup DC Entry #10 (High THC award winner, natch!)[/caption] And realized I was never gonna enjoy the High CBD winner's sample I had, Harle-Tsu from Blue Sky Farms.  It would be better to put that medicine in the hands of someone that could use it, but it was only a quarter of a gram.  I wasn't sure there would be any interest at all, but the clarity was so good that after I announced the contest in the Facebook DC Recreational Marijuana group I got several entries (all you had to do was send me a message through this site).  Well short of the modest seventy-one I hoped for, I called the contest at 5:45pm.  The winner of my Judge's Pack sample of Entry #1 from the Secret Cup DC was Makda Semere!  I picked her because she entered the contest before I made it easy and posted the link to the Message Me page. Effort should always be rewarded, don't you think?  It was a pleasure to meet a young lady so enthusiastic about cannabis and photography.  I hope you enjoyed it, Makda! This is going to be the first, and smallest, of many more giveaways to come.  It's time to Weed the People!  If you're a grower, extractor, edible producer, glass blower, or an ancient and mighty Sphinx interested in sponsoring a giveaway, let me know!  If you're a company interested in sponsoring my awesome blog where I give away free cannabis, let me know, I wouldn't kick you outta bed for snoring, either. [caption id="attachment_366" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The Harle-Tsu! The Harle-Tsu![/caption]