FaceOff OG from Da DoGooders

FaceOff OG from Da DoGooders

Today is a very special day for the nation’s capital! There’s DC Flower Fest for the cannabis crowd featuring a really hot lineup of artists, there’s the H St Festival, and omg you guys March of the Juggalos! The Gentleman bids welcome to the Dark Carnival of Souls! May the streets run sticky with Faygo! I understand they’ve come to protest their organization’s federal status as a gang which seems quite silly. I mean, what threat could a small army of destructive clown people po- oh-kay, yup, yup I get it. Still, consider yourselves most welcome guests here in my digital domain. While I’m not a fan of ICP, I am often compelled by sinister forces from beyond the Void to wreak mayhem upon this rotting plane! Today, I am again compelled by Da DoGooders, an Intiative 71 delivery service run by super-nice elves that brought me these incredibly potent FaceOff OG flowers, and not the Elders Whom Time Forgot But Lie Waiting In Silence. It’s a day-to-day sorta thing.

Da DoGooders has some of my favorite flowers in the city, but this FaceOff OG is something else. I got two fat green buds sporting light orange, almost blondish hairs and a thick coat of trichomes. The scent profile is interesting- sweet but with a touch of pine. It’s a bit harsh, but not a bad smoke. I cough a bit but don’t feel any lingering irritation. The potency is where FaceOff really gets me. I smoked some late last night and felt the urge to bounce around a bunch of different shows, unwilling to settle on one. I was able to get to sleep but it definitely didn’t put me out.

This morning, though, I smoked a jay and a bowl and was lit for hours. Hours. And I dab most days, as my regulars know. Da DoGooders’ FaceOff OG is a bit difficult to handle with chores on the docket. If I looked at my phone, I’d get stuck scrolling through social media just like They want you to, totally forgetting whatever I was actually supposed to be doing. Which is fine, since I forgot to be anxious and depressed, too. Had a great lunch with a friend, though it was hard to keep track of the conversation and I had to circle back around to points a few times. Had a meeting where I got to do most of the talking and that went pretty well- ambling on my own practiced spiel was easier than the back and forth. I was still buzzing hard when I got back home and decided a nice, cool dab would even me out.

Da DoGooders gave me some Jillenberry live resin to try, too, and it’s calming properties made it a natural choice to chill. I could have gone with some CBD, but the effects of that cannabinoid are a bit too unpredictable for me, personally, and I wanted to get this writing done so I can go party with killer clown chicks. Instead, I went with the minty scent of the eucalyptol terpene emanating from the Jillenberry, which assures your Gentleman a medication that will calm his nerves without making me lazy, the way linalool-rich cultivars can. DDG is always coming through with the muy excelente live resin. The consistency is always perfect, just a bit tougher than peanut butter, and super-easy to scoop onto your dab tool. I’ve been very happy with the daytime results of using this strain. It comfortably evens out my mood and keeps my anxiety in check while leaving me clear-headed. The psychoactivity isn’t enough to put you to sleep, but you’ll be jonesing for some coffee in a couple hours. I find that sugar is almost as good.

That’s it? Reviewed? I can run along and play now? Rant in the intro, baby, that’s how we do it! Check out Da DoGooders website right here, make sure you Follow them on Instagram and don’t just take my word for how awesome they are, they have many satisfied reviews from the blog-less masses on LeafedIn, too. Gonna smoke some FaceOff, gonna drink some FayGo, nahnahnahnana…

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