Expansion of Laws and Medical Marijuana Research In Maryland

Medical Marijuana is spreading fast across the state of Maryland as well as across the country as a whole. By the end of 2018, 33 states legalized medical marijuana and there is a fast-growing initiative to continue research on the benefits of medical marijuana in the everyday lives of citizens in need across the Nation.

Expanding Maryland Medical Marijuana Laws

On Monday, April 8th a General Assembly Gathered in Annapolis Maryland to discuss and improve upon diversity in Maryland’s new medical marijuana industry. The measure on Medical Marijuana increased the number of growers in Maryland from 15 to 22 and the bill continued by expanding the number of processor licenses from 15 to 28.

Four licenses are currently up for grabs, and the measure in place is taking steps to help minority-owned companies flourish among the industry. They don’t want to make any of the same mistakes in the past and are excited to help minority businesses get a head start in this new-aged industry!

Maryland’s Research Initiative

We are excited to announce that John Hopkins University and Temple University recently joined together to conduct a study on the impacts of medical marijuana on older adults age 51 and up.

The main goal of this study was aimed at finding out how policy can change health outcomes and contribute to participation in the labor force. The paper analyzed and studied over 100,000 surveys of people in this age range. It is not just the millennials fighting for their rights, medical marijuana is working to help people of all ages.

The findings resulted in an overall examination of the impact of medical marijuana after the laws were passed in the state of Maryland. The results suggest that medical marijuana laws could actually be contributing to improved health in American adults.

About 55 percent of the study participants were suffering due to conditions like arthritis, cancer, glaucoma, and pain. In the end, researchers found that medical marijuana laws led to a 5 percent increase in full-time work while reporting that pain was decreased by 4.8 percent.

Looking Forward

Hopefully, as laws begin to expand, more and more research will evolve on the impact of medical marijuana laws on health, the economy and how these laws can help people across the Nation!

Unraveling how medical Marijuana can benefit people in pain as well as contribute to the economy as a whole is just the start of the positive impacts to come with medical marijuana law integration in the United States.  

According to the Baltimore Sun, the University of Maryland recently announced an initiative to open up “a new graduate program for the study of cannabis science and therapeutics beginning this fall.” On top of this exciting news, Medical Marijuana can now be recommended by Nurse Practitioners, Dentists, Doctors, podiatrists, and nurse midwives as alternative medical resources for those reporting the ineffectiveness of their current treatments.

Maryland is moving forward in its medical marijuana initiatives and has recently approved 102 dispensaries state-wide. We are excited to see what is ahead in scientific research and expansion of medical marijuana!

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