Evermore Sunday Brunch Flowers

Today we're gonna look at Sunday Brunch flowers from Evermore, one of Maryland's hottest medical marijuana brands. "Evermore" sounds like a fantasy kingdom, perhaps hidden in the clouds? Yes! You there, you look like a Hyrulian! Perhaps you wouldn't mind fetching my ten magic crystals hidden in skeleton-filled labyrinths and ruins scattered throughout the land? Did I mention there's a water level? Wait, come back! IT'S OPTIONAL! Oh, drat.

Who Is Evermore?

Evermore is Temescal Wellness' rebranding effort. The dispensary still operates under that name, but the flowers they grow and the concentrate products they extract in-house now bear the Evermore brand.

Evermore is one of Maryland's home-grown ganjapreneurs (ba-dum-ching). Their site says the company's principals and executives are Baltimore natives. They hire local, too. I've run into more than one person from the scene that works for Evermore now. I dig that.

We reviewed Temescal's Blue Cereal flowers and Wristband Sap last year. So why are we swinging back around when there's other brands yet to see the first review?

Cuz everybody's talking about Evermore! Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. My fellow Maryland patients have been quite enthusiastic in their praise of Evermore's flowers. And you're not gonna find Evermore by searching for Temescal, so here we are.

Evermore MD medical Sunday Brunch weed photography

Evermore Sunday Brunch Bag Appeal

I grabbed an eighth of Sunday Brunch flowers from True Wellness in Laurel. True Wellness is one of the dispensaries that sells flowers deli-style.

That means they aren't pre-packaged. You get to watch the budtender pull buds out of a jar, clip the stems, and weigh them right in front of you. All things being equal, a Gentleman always chooses a deli-style dispensary.

  • I'm happy with the size and density of the nugs in my eighth. The nugs are tight- not loose, not made of grinder-tooth chipping adamantium
  • Trichomes are easily visible to the naked eye with excellent coverage.
  • The trim is excellent- no sugar leaf and my budtender had almost disappointingly little stem to cut.
  • No seeds found
  • Flowers look healthy and well-developed with pretty orange hues

The bag appeal of Evermore's Sunday Brunch flowers is on point. Let's smoke it!

Evermore Sunday Brunch Smell/Taste

Evermore Sunday Brunch weed flowers after grinder

These flowers smell slightly of spices, but mostly grass. I covered the grass smell defect in my Guide to Bad Marijuana. It's not entirely unpleasant, but it's not great. In fairness, I got to smell it before I bought it so I knew it wasn't 100%. But also in fairness, it was the best-smelling one out of the four Evermore strains True Wellness had on hand.

The smoke is smooth- it doesn't irritate my mouth or throat- but it hits heavy and the only flavor is grass. I put my first joint out halfway to finish later. The second one I powered through to finish.

The grind is average. It's not smooth, evenly-sized particles but it's not too janky, either. Easy to roll and burns well.

Evermore Sunday Brunch Potency/Effects

These flowers seem a lot more potent than the 17.7% THC on the label would seem to indicate. After smoking a full half-gram joint yesterday around 1pm, I felt heavily medicated until around 5pm- despite eating a light meal in between. Aye caramba!

Sunday Brunch Evermore MD test results
8.63 mg/g Limonene has gotta be a misprint.

Heavily medicated, yes, but Evermore's Sunday Brunch didn't do much for my state of mind. My anxiety was still very high after smoking. I had to instigate a Denial of Service attack on my brain because I was definitely not relaxed after smoking. That's a fun way of saying "repress the living shit out of the toxic thoughts spinning round my head," doesn't it?

As for mood, it evened me out more than buoyed me up. That's fine. In fact, I got...Kentucky Fried Christmas, I can't even say. I got thrown in the middle of Drama, capital D, around 3pm. But my mental gyroscope reset quickly and I handled it with aplomb, if not my typical empathy. A bit too disconnected for that after the Sunday Brunch, but perhaps it's for the best.

Evermore's Sunday Brunch flowers are best reserved for the evening, I think, or curled up reading horror manga over the long weekend. That's all I accomplished Sunday after my half-joint. I recently discovered Junji Ito! JOIN ME IN THE SPIRAL!!! Ahem. It's too heavy and sedative for much else.

Gentleman, ehh...It's alright

Evermore's Sunday Brunch flowers have excellent bag appeal and superior potency. On the other hand, the smell and flavor are off. And it doesn't hit on the specific issues I use cannabis medicine to address- anxiety and mood.

$50 for an eighth isn't bad. Looks like you can save $5 if you visit Temescal Wellness in Pikesville (just outside Baltimore) for Evermore flowers directly.

It's definitely a step down from my previous Temescal review- I loved those flowers. I don't love these flowers, but there's enough positives here that I'd be down to try Evermore again. I'd want to sniff them first, though.