Dutch Treat (GoodSmoke420)
Dutch Treat (GoodSmoke420) The latest Washington I71 gifter to garner the Gentleman's afflecktations, GoodSmoke420 has a deep selection of CBD and hemp-based medicine and beauty supplies- topicals, tinctures, soaps and so on, along with prerolled hemp joints- to go with traditional THC flowers. Heck, they've even got CBD for your dog. Yes, giving CBD to your dog is a thing and I hear good things about it, but I don't have a dog cuz I don't want to be responsible for other living things, so I can't test that. My purple cactus is still alive but that's because cacti thrive on sunshine and neglect, both of which I have to provide in ample measure (ladies). I mean, if you're offering your Mr. Puppers to experiment with, we'll give it a go, I expect he'll really like it. As far as a review, though, we're gonna have a look at GoodSmoke420's delightful Dutch Treat flowers. But hey, I want to talk about music first! I've been digging into the albums of my youth the past couple months, discovering what holds up after all this time and what has little appeal after the angst and hormones have receded. My favorite band, Live, is still awesome. They're reunited and I saw 'em at Jiffy Lube a couple weeks ago, great show. Counting Crows was the headliner, which was great, cuz I could care less about seeing them, allowing me an early, traffic-free exit. What really surprised me on this little walkabout is my newfound appreciation for Eve 6. They didn't make much impact past their first single Inside Out, but this band has a remarkable range and lots of solid tracks throughout their discography- At Least We're Dreaming, How Much Longer, and Not Gonna Be Alone Tonight are just a few of the the standouts. The band from the late nineties that I'm convinced was ahead of their time, though, is Presidents of the USA. The PUSA boys' upbeat zaniness was misplaced in the heart of grunge radio but if they had come out 5-10 years later, they'd have blown up, or at least, not limited to Lump and Peaches. Mach 5 and Highway Forever are a helluva lot of fun- what other band has two good road songs? Ballads like Some Postman and Tiki God are sterling examples of their darkly humorous storytelling and I'm especially fond of Meanwhile Back In the City and this fan-made animated video. Of course, nothing goes with good tunes like good buds, and GoodSmoke420 has a Gentleman in good stead with their Dutch Treat flowers. The nugs are a pleasant, lighter shade of green with brown hairs sprouting everywhere. The trichomes are tiny and hard to see, but that's alright, since it smells amazingwoodsy, but with a strong current of lemon. You won't find scent profiles like that on old buds that have been sitting around a while- GoodSmoke420's gift is fresh as daisies and grinds like she has a poor relationship with her dad. Ha! Aww. Now I feel bad. Anyway, the Dutch Treat smokes as good as it smells, a flavorful inhale even through the bong. The effect is a similarly balanced, very smooth high, free of anxiety but without noticeable impact on my cogitation, and a nicely elevated mood and slight physical invigoration that had me jamming along happily as I cruise through my day. Superb medicine, but definitely eat first. Stupid body with all its dumb needs for food and water and sleep when I want to do stuff and they probably won't let me be a cyborg when I'm 60 or whatever, I'm sure there's a long list of rich, cryogenically-preserved brains ahead of me in line for a new robot body. Pfft. Perhaps a solution lies in the dark arts, but that's even more work than just eating and sleeping is, now you gotta clean the ritual blood, do something with the bones of sacrifices and ambitious coven-sisters, et cetera... Absolutely loved this Dutch Treat. Be sure to check out GoodSmoke420's selection of classic THC flower and CBD gifts for you and your adorable little pooch, all available for delivery on their website right here. And please sign up for my newsletter!