Dr. Trichome's Tincture A tincture, for those unfamiliar, is cannabis extract in a liquid medium. Liquid weed, right! An extremely discreet way to medicate, it can be applied sublingually (under your tongue) for fastest relief or add it to your drink, mashed potatoes, or whatever to create an instant edible. This used to be the way cannabis medicine was administered in ye olden days and is quickly returning to fashion (a quick search of cannabis tincture will pull up tons of articles and helpful recipes). If you've been around the DC cannabis event scene at all in the past year, like A Dab Before Christmas, you've probably tried Dr. Trichome's elixirs for yourself. He generously administers a dropper-full to anybody near his table as a party-starter. I've tried both District Growers and Holistic Remedies tinctures from the DC dispensaries and they had little to no effect (I felt a bit medicated after giving up on the recommended dosing and dumping half the bottle of Holistic Blue Dream into my tea), but I chalked it up to my infuriatingly strong edibles tolerance. To be fair, I've talked to folks that like these products, but after trying Dr. Trichome's, I realized my problem with the dispensary tinctures had been potency. Well, OK, more like half my high tolerance, half their low potency. Full Disclosure, I haven't tried the new cannabis oil available from Abatin yet that you can use to make your own at home (or topicals). Dr. Trichome's tinctures come in tinted glass jars with droppers in the cap, just like the DC dispensaries. I received two from him for review. The top-shelf tonic was made from Girl Scout Cookies soaked in grain alcohol for three months. The larger bottle was Platinum Kush that had cured in glycerin for one month. Dr. Trichome's Tinctures Let's talk about the fancy stuff first. You do not want to take the grain alcohol sublingually. Seriously. It will burn the everloving hell out of this tender area. And you don't need to. The three-month cure is potent enough even for me to take as an edible, just put a dropper-full in your drink. I use four, personally, directly on top of my tongue and chase them with soda. The effect comes on in about thirty minutes. I like Girl Scout Cookies as a tincture- the buzz is an active body high that also subtly enhances mood, making it an excellent pre-workout choice, even if that's just a brisk walk around the Nation's Capital, or making the local circuit of cannabis events. You're fine taking they glycerin under your tongue. It tastes like you'd expect liquified weed to, but is sweet enough to be palatable. The Platinum Kush isn't as strong as the GSC, so I found my sweet spot at four droppers using the more potent, sublingual method. I swish each around there for a full sixty seconds to make sure I get every bit of medicine I can before swallowing the rest. The Platinum Kush tincture produces a calm body stone that relaxes muscles and attitude alike. I find it best in the evenings to help me get to sleep, but it's clear-headed enough to use during the daytime if my back is giving me trouble. My favorite way to enjoy Dr. Trichome's tincture is to take it along with a joint or a dab. I require more psychoactivity from my medicine to regulate my various mental malfunctions, but I do feel more rested in the morning after aligning the Platinum Kush tincture with somnolent indica flowers and more physically amped up when I pair the GSC with a heady, sativa dab (or two, don't mind if I do). Whether you're looking more for a body high to alleviate pain during the daytime or simply kick your evening up a notch, the Gentleman recommends you reach for Dr. Trichome's!