DistrictofC.com - Killing the Game Hell, yes.  This review is long overdue. DistrictofC.com launched a couple weeks ago and I think they state their mission best themselves: "District of C is run by a team of four Deaf individuals who aim to show the world that Deaf people can do anything, as I.K. Jordan so breezily said in 1988. The unfortunate reality is that many perfectly capable Deaf people remain unemployed. We seek to shift that paradigm with this venture.  By employing an entirely Deaf crew, from manufacturing to delivery drivers, we’re giving our comrades jobs." That's a business worthy of your support, folks.  On top of that, they sell some pretty trippy artwork.  Personally, I really dug the Flying Sea Turtles from Ashley Hannan and it's not the only piece I wouldn't mind having (I've got my eye on the Arboretum photo from Angus English for my next order). IMG_0906 I went to check out and my jaw dropped- they had (note, the rest of this review has been EDITED per request): a full, official menu.  I placed my order and got a text within a few minutes confirming my order and asking which of several very appealing options did I want? I chose the Bear Walker because I've never heard of it.  The name was cool but I couldn't find anything on Leafly about it- would I feel invigorated, ready to hunt and live alongside the Grizzly?  Or join my pet Kodiak for a brisk morning walk?  In fact, when the artwork and gift arrived an hour later, smelling absolutely lovely and better than anticipated, I figured out that it's an indica with a heavy body stone and a calm euphoria.  I think the idea behind the name was that you move slow, like a bear? That's not important.  What is important is that I received excellent, timely service and a wonderful product from good folks with an intuitive, easy-to-use website that accepts credit card payment.  I reached out to a friend on social media and she vouched for the flowers being on point, too, so I'm sure I'll try them again soon. I heartily recommend you do the same.