[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="510"] by Ashley Hannon, available thru DistrictofC.com. Nice![/caption] DC is about the hustle! It's been a busy week in cannabis following last Sunday's 7/10 celebrations.  First off, if you were planning to visit Capitol Hemp today, HOLD OFF! They are closed today due to flooding...meanwhile, Myster has some new glass in so be sure to check them out this week...Slab Life icon and winner of the DC Grower's Cup 2016 Top Indica Award for his XXX (Triple Cross), Phone Homie, is back from the Chalice Cup in California so you know THE SLAB HOUR is going to be lit tonight!...I'm really excited to try out the newest i71 delivery service, DistrictofC.com for two reasons. One, the gifts available include flower, edibles, oil, and yummy Live Resin. Two, just look at that painting of the flying Sea Turtles! You could have that plus some free bud.  I'll let y'all know how the gifts are...the event I'm excited about this week is on Thursday, July 21st.  If you want to grow your own medicine but the idea is intimidating, Grow with Lisa has arranged a meet and greet with the local cannabis growing consultants who can help! Email her to get on the guest list for the main event at legalosia@gmail.com, Facebook event for the Happy Hour to follow at the Dewdrop Inn is right here...see ya next week, and don't forget to check out my review of an awesome, locally grown flower Laughing Buddha from Real Deal's Gardenz!