District Growers Announces Rebel Kitchen Edibles

  District Growers Rebel Kitchen Edibles   The long wait for true edibles for the DC Medical Marijuana Patient community may finally be over!  You may be familiar with District Growers' Cold-Pressed Juices.  Their juices tasted just fine but didn't do anything for me, even after they made them stronger.  It wasn't just me that complained they were too weak! So, late last week they announced their Rebel Kitchen edibles brand when  their new canna-butter dropped at two dispensaries- Takoma Wellness Center and Metropolitan Wellness Center ($85/450mg at both but $20 off your 1st canna-butter purchase at MWC).  These items don't appear on any of the other 3 dispensary menus right now. Here's the ad for this product.  It doesn't appear to be strain or even sativa/indica/hybrid specific: "Introducing cannabis infused edible products from District Growers' Rebel Kitchen!  Rebel Kitchen butters are produced from scratch utilizing all natural ingredientssourced locally and perfectly blended into a tasty butter. The butters are whipped and provided in three ?avors: Natural, Sweet, and Savory. Each butter is designed to be used both as a spread or as an ingredient. Four ounces of butter per container. Servings: 10-15 THC: 450mg (30mg-45mg per serving)" Canna-butter is an essential ingredient in most marijuana edibles so it should come as no surprise that cannabis-infused candy is coming next from Rebel Kitchen. MWC shared a picture of the Grata Chocolate Candy Bars coming out next- these are separated into Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid and contain 50mg of THC. I'm excited to see these items drop at my dispensary and will be sure to share a review with you as soon as they do.  If you get a chance to try them, let me know what you thought! Til next time, be kind, buds! Instagram- @gentlemantoker