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A quiet, digital island getaway sounded the ticket when this whole quarantine started, but I ended up losing my shirt in a bad turnip deal and now I’m in deep to the Raccoon Mafia. I don’t even know how this happened. How is it my financial responsibility to pay for infrastructure projects like bridges and ramps? I ain’t even making rent off these weird people that keep showing up and taking attitude if I accidentally talk to them twice in the same day. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Tammy! That’s why your yard is filled with trash bags and flamingos now! Who knew Animal Crossing could be so stressful? Here, let’s pull some weeds from Peace In the Air and chil- excuse me. CUZ YOU’RE A GARBAGE PERSON, TAMERA!!! Oh, it’s on. Hold Momma’s earrings, please.


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All cannabis featured in this blog was obtained legally in Washington, DC.